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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yesterdays Outing

Hello my dear friends,

I did go to 'the' antique store yesterday again which was actually open! Well, if you can call it open - she had about 20 larger items standing on the sidewalk in front of her store and the entrance was blocked off. To top it off, her prices were still ridiculously high! The owner wasn't there but a family friend was and after talking to her for a little while I was told that the owner  hasn't got any idea what she owns but she buys, buys, buys and throws it into this building and almost every item in the store has been put onto wooden pallets and she is keeping everything apart the few items on the sidewalk (she must have thousands of antiques in that building). I sort of knew she never really wanted to sell anything in the first place and I have now decided to put that behind me and forget about it. I must say I will be a bit happier once she is gone because then I don't have to see all the beautiful pieces just rotting away. So I came away with not even a few photos to show you all how it looked like there.

It turned out to be a sunny morning and I did go to a few church sales with my two lovely daughters and found a few neat pieces.

Two new egg cups - so pretty!!
(You all know what they are going to become!)

Lovely earrings to be used as embellishments.

This broken magnifying glass might have lost it's handle and rhinestones but it doesn't change the fact that it is still very beautiful and unique.

A precious wood inlaid cross.

A very pretty doily.

I also didn't get around going to the indoor market to take photos for you but I will try next weekend. Today I will have to donate some more time to my chores. We were planing to got to an outdoor antique market that opens for the first time this year, but yet again it is raining. There is always next weekend!!

Have a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B.


  1. Love the egg cups - very nice!

  2. LOL! Sure do know what they're going to become! ;-)
    XO Diane

  3. Karen...CONGRATULATIONS! You are the winner of The Cranky Queen's Mother's Day Giveaway. Please send me your address so that The Queen can mail it to you! I am so excited. See my blog for the post! Tiffany Steers
    Email me at the3steers@charter.net