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Friday, May 20, 2011

What's On My Worktable At The Moment

Hello my dear friends,

These are some of the items I have on my worktable right now - new boxes from the "Bath and Body" store in our mall and this time they have 6 compartments to work with. It's so nice I found them again. I wonder what they will turn into this time?

Right now I am thinking of painting them a color less bright ~  off-white, beige or maybe a pale blue (I am not a bright pink or green person).

'New' old baby shoes. I picked them up yesterday at an antique store and they just look so neat and worn - just the way I love them!

My collection of pansies that I have gathered from old doilies in the past, in all their colorful glory!

I am also working on crocheting my own pansies and other flowers in more subtle colors. I do have a pattern from a book but I am also trying to design my own right now. Hopefully they will turn out OK.

I plan to be very busy in my yard this weekend if it doesn't rain again but hopefully I will have a little time to create something new as well which I will share with you next week. There are a few ideas in my mind that I will have to note down in my little booklet so I don't forget them. Maybe one of them will come to life this weekend.

And last but not least ...

This is our cat Alexia. She is one of our two cats. Lexi is a "real" cat with everything that comes with it and she is so precious to all of us and we love her dearly.

Have a peaceful and create weekend,

Karen B.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Karen, I found your blog and I am loving it! I feel at home here, although I live in Brazil... Congratulations for your beautiful crafts and your pretty cats. I have 3 cats, and Avel√£ is very similar to Alexia. Love them so much! I will come here as much as I can. Bye.