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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My 'Strawberry Delight' Creation No.2 ...

Hello my dear friends,

my intentions were to head into the garden/backyard and pull weeds yesterday but as we again hit temperatures of almost 40C with humidity it just didn't happen, it was just too hot for me.

Staying inside had to therefore be productive in my eyes, no matter which way ... chores or being creative. I chose to do a few chores and then specnd some time being creative. I took to making another pincushion and I am happy with the way it has turned out.

Just take a look at ...

... my 'Strawberry Delight No.2' pincushion.

It is made basically just like the first one from a tarnished sugar bowl and drop cloth. This time though I used a little color in the shape of some lovely green sari silk ribbon instead of seam binding and I think it was the right choice for this creation. I also added some little vintage buttons to embellish it and a small piece from a vintage tatted doily and that is what was needed to complete my newest creation. What do you think?

I was on a roll and after this pincushion was finished I couldn't stop myself creating another one with the same theme and that is what I am going to share with all of you lovelies tomorrow.

Thank you for visiting me today here at Todolwen and it would be so nice if you came back some time again.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. Yep, a very sweet little creation.

  2. So so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I am a new Follower and I have become a Follower of your Blog. Wow...Your Blog is so lovely, so inspirational. I love your Blog.

    I too have a Blog and I would love for you to become a Follower of my Blog...here is the link:


    Your Pin Cushion that you made is so beautiful...wow...you are a very talented stitcher. I love the way you finished your Pin Cushion.

    Have a Beautiful Stitching Day
    Linda K

  4. Hello Karen,

    unbelievable that in Canada it is 40°C. Here in Germany it is cold an rainy and in the morning just 8°C. For the weekend it should be better again.
    Your newest pincushion creation is sooooooo lovely again!

    Hugs Ines♥

  5. Ongelooflijk Karen, 40°C in Canada, dat is inderdaad geen
    temperatuur om buiten in de tuin aan het werk te gaan.
    Meer een temperatuur om in Katwijk a/ zee een heerlijke
    duik in het water te nemen ;-)))

    Je niewe creatie, dit PRACHTIGE speldenkussen is
    fantastisch mooi geworden. De eenvoud zo mooi, het
    verweerde door de tands des tijds van de oude suikerpot
    is echt prachtig. Erg mooi van kleurgebruik.

    Het totaalplaatje is een JUWEEL geworden!!!

    Veel succes met je nieuwe project..........


  6. I am in awe of those wonderfully detailed strawberries - well, the whole pincushion actually - but those little leaves on top of the strawberries are special.

  7. Lovely, lovely, lovely! I love the soft muted quality of it. The shape is luscious. The finishing is delicate and elegant. I have fallen in love with this pin cushion.

    I will be sure to visit again.

  8. What a great idea ... I sell antique porcelain and never thought about how to use sugar bowls without lids ... I also see lots of silver plate that is practically given away at auction. I'm in awe! Thanks for sharing and All the Best ... Joan