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Monday, July 13, 2015

Little Surprises Touch The Heart ..

Hello my dear friends,

little surprises are the ones that touch the heart the most I find.
They are always unexpected and make your heart smile because someone was thinking of you.

 I had approached a dear friend of mine and asked for her help when I had bought a few items off  Ebay and the shipping to Canada was an issue for one of the sellers and very expensive from the other. I asked her if she would mind me having the items shipped to her and then for her to forward them to me and without any delay her answer was 'yes' and I was so grateful!

 My parcel has now arrived here in Canada from Georgia and when I opened it I was expecting to only find the items I had bought and nothing else but that wasn't so.

 I opened the box and underneath some neat old tissue pattern sheets I found a little surprise.

Little vintage buttons were scattered all over the inside of the box and bits and pieces of lovely vintage laces was laying on top ~ oh  my! There was also a little card with a few sweet words to me from my dear friend Dawn of  'The Feathered Nest'. She is the sweetest lady and made my day with her unexspected gift. I messaged her to say thank you for her little surprise and her reply was ...

"I hardly put anything inside at all. I just thought it would be pretty to have the bits and bobs inside when you open it up rather than just packing paper."

 Dawn ~ you are the sweetest! Thank you again for helping me out ~ I really appreciate it so much and thank you so much for your sweet gift too.

Like most people, I just love little surprises.
That is a part of the reason I now do my 'Christmas To Come' giveaway. I love giving someone the same little feeling of excitement and hopefully joy that I received from my dear friend.

Talking about Christmas  ... my 'Christmas To Come' giveaway 2015 will end on July 21st.
If you haven't entered your name there is still time to do so! Just click on the button on my right sidebar and leave a short comment on that post and only on that post please to be a part of it. I will announce the winner some time that day. Please make sure that I have an e-mail address so I can get in contact with you.

It was so nice of you to stop by and visit me here today and I hope you will come back again.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. Aww, that was so sweet of Dawn, what a gorgeous surprise. I do love her blog, been following it for years.

  2. oh i would love to have a surprise from u your items r beautiful

  3. Que surpresa linda, parabéns, tudo muito ao seu jeito, com muita delicadeza.
    Obrigada, tenha uma semana feliz e abençoada, abraços carinhosos
    Maria Teresa

  4. Little surprises like this mean so much - and such a thoughtful friend to include such happy extras. Lucky you!

  5. That was a nice surprise. We need to do that more offend. Nancy P.

  6. How sweet! And how pretty. It makes the heart happy doesn't it, when a friend thinks of the little things that she knows would mean so much!

  7. What a wonderful surprise Karen! Have fun creating!

  8. Dawn is an extremely talented and giving soul. Lucky you and all that reap her givings.

    Now go and enjoy all the treats!

  9. Wow, what a wonderful surprise! <3
    I got a bit of joy for you as I can imagine how I would feel opening to such treasures :)