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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It Was A Nice Day Overall ..

Hello my dear friends,

don't you love it when things are progressing nicely when it comes to a creation you are working on and when a day turns out to be a nice one? I do so much!

A few days ago I finally got around to bleaching a large batch of bottle brush trees at last. I have been wanting to do this for some time and never got around to it. I must have done around 30 of them in all sizes. At one stage it was a little concerning though. I had done all my baby trees and moved onto the larger ones and as I placed the first one into the bleach, the bleach suddenly turned a nasty brown color! It almost looked like rust coming from it but the was no rust there. To be safe I bleached these trees twice and the second time the bleach stayed it's normal color and all was well!

But also something really neat that happened ... amongst all of the trees I worked with there was one little tree that decided that it didn't want to turn cream but instead it wanted to stay a very lovely pale color of green. I gave it extra time in the bleach but nope ... nothing doing ...

(sorry the picture is a little blurry)

 ... this little tree wanted to stay green.
 I know that people sometimes pull their little trees out early to get that pale green color but I wasn't really going for that look but as I say many times ... there is a reason for that happening. And therefore this little tree will become a special little Christmas tree in one of my newest creations. I am still working on how I am going to incorporate it but I am sure I will find the perfect way for it to shine.

The morning started very misty ...


but the day turned out to be so lovely outside ... bright sunshine, almost no wind and a great  temperature too so my trees were able to dry outside on the deck.
Of course the lovely weather also brought out little visitors to our backyard too ...
... a rabbit decided to come and taste some of my weeds that were still growing nicely under the fall sunshine.
And not only that but I saw something walking along the other side of the fence in my neighbours garden. Maybe it's a cat..? Then slowly but surely the critter made an appearance in our garden!

... nope ~ no cat but a raccoon!

(I think there is something wrong with the focus of my camera .. sorry!)

It crawled under the fence and stopped to look at me for a moment as I was taking it's photo and then continued it's journey through our yard to it's home. I don't think I will be seeing this critter for to much longer this year as it is slowly getting colder at night time these past few days and the time to hibernate will be here soon.
And talking about colder, I started to work on a little unplanned project yesterday and actually finished it already too. What was it? ... that is something I will share with you tomorrow. 
Thank you for stopping by here at Todolwen. I would love to see you soon again!
I hope you are well and life is treating you kind.
Have a peaceful and creative day,
Karen B.  


  1. Karen the bottle brush trees are beautiful! I've no idea that they would bleach so pretty-- so funny that one wanted to stay green!

    Lovely little fall visitors in your yard- sometimes we get raccoons on our deck - they come to eat the kitty food.

    Sending love-

  2. What pretty trees...and so nice to have one that is unique like us! heehee! Love your sweet critters, too! Enjoy your week!

  3. The raccoon is so nice!

  4. I love these bleached trees, someday I plan to actually buy some and bleach them!! Mr. Raccoon must be used to people if he wasn't ready to run as soon as he saw you. Was he checking out the bird feeder???

  5. The tree that wouldn't be bleached - a crafter's tale, for sure! How fun to see the raccoon in your yard.