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Monday, October 21, 2013

A New Listing In My Etsy Shop ..

Hello my dear friends,

today's post is just a short one since I am very busy.
I just wanted to let you that there is a new listing in my Etsy shop.

 I am not sure if any of you recall my Fall nest I made last year? ... It is actually the only one I ever made. It's a little sad but I am not a Fall person when it comes to creating nor a Halloween person ~ it's just not me and that's why there aren't any Fall or Halloween creations on Todolwen. I do love everything about this time of year thought ... the colors, falling leaves flying in the wind, lovely walks in the park just not creating but I am hoping that this might change one day ... you never know.
So if you like Fall and nests ... why not pop over and take a look my little nest?!

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.
Have a peaceful and creative day,
Karen B.


  1. Oh my! I love it! I put it in my Etsy favs but I don't think it will last long! It's gorgeous my friend!

  2. Your little nest is just beautiful!

  3. Your nest is precious, and I'd never guess that Fall is not one of your more creative times.

  4. superbe comme tout ce que tu fais, je sui sen admiration :-)