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Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Three Dollar Treasure ..

Hello my dear friends,

with fall approaching fast so are the last church rummage sales of this year.

I stopped at one on a wet and rainy Saturday morning a few weeks ago and being one of only 15 people there at first, I was able to get into the hall where all the treasures were laid out neatly being one of the first.

At first I headed to the jewelry table and I was lucky to have found 4 lovely broaches that I would be able to use in some of my future creations.

These are not necessary very old but they just look so pretty!

After that I walked around humming one of my favourite songs, keeping my eyes open for anything that would catch them and then I saw something really neat.
By now I had to try and battle my way through the crowds. I got to the spot where my eyes had been glued to and put my hand on the piece just at the right moment in time because one of the very nice ladies working there was just about to grab it, not seeing my hand on it, to give it to someone else, but no ... I laid my claim on it and it was mine!
And this is the treasure I found ..
.. a glass dome on a wooden base.
It has a beautiful piece of white coral inside it and a very, very delicate butterfly.
And like I said it was only ... 

... $3! 
Happy with my findings,  I decided that the day was a great one so far and left for others to hopefully find their treasure of the day.
Now what to do with it..?
I think that I am going to use the coral in my shell jar.( I will share that with you in another post.)
And if I am lucky enough that the little butterfly will survive me touching it, I will have to create something with it to keep it safe.
And last but not least ... the dome and base... I am sure I will find something that will fit nicely under it! But all of that will be for another post that I can't wait to share with you.
And until the next time you stop by here at Todolwen ...
I hope you are well and life is treating you kind my dear friends.
Have a peaceful and creative day,
Karen B.


  1. I too look for jewelry that I like to use on my scrapbook layouts. Hubby has gotten good at getting the pin/clasps off for me... even old clip on earrings work great. Pretty finds.

  2. Was für ein schönes Stück!

  3. What great finds... the only jewelry (vintage) around here a "good" pieces with a matching price tag! I do love domes (and bell jars). This is a great find for $3. Have fun playing.