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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Playing The Same Old Broken Record Again ..

Hello my dear friends,

I can't believe it ... here I am again playing the same old record to you again.
It might not look like it to you and I know this happens every year to me but I am stuck in that little hole that won't let me climb out and be creative. I'm not sure if it's the heat again (yesterday it was with Humidex just over 40 c) that is bothering me or that I just seem to have too much on my mind that is stopping me from turning any of my creative ideas into actual creations.

I tend to have little idea lightning bolts shooting down in my mind and then ... nothing! It is like I can't concentrate on it then and it just fades away ... and I so hate this ... crafter's block!

I know this is a normal thing because I read some of your lovely blogs and there you are saying the exact same thing and at least it is not just me. I don't mean this in a bad way but it does make me feel a tiny bit better.
Don't get me wrong, I do have a to~do list that is half a mile long with all sorts of chores and projects that need doing for the house so I am not bored ... it's just my little 'me' that wants to come out to play and right now the door won't open.

But enough complaining about that now ...

... I hope today will be a day where I can get myself in order and hopefully I will have something new to share with all you lovely bloggers soon.

I hope you are well and life is treating you kind my dear friends.

Have a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B.



  1. I hope while you have this 'block' that you are enjoying your new swimming pool!!!

  2. This, too, shall pass. Your creativity will return, maybe with the cooler weather and change of season.

  3. I hope it soon passes Karen as I always find inspiration in what you share with us. I've been busy crocheting tiny hearts and flowers and making origami butterflies. So what's next - I've got to try that hymn feather! See, I only have to look down your sidebar to find so many wonderful ideas. Thank you so much. Margie x

  4. That happens to me too- sometimes stepping away helps and then inspiration will strike you when you least expect it! :)

  5. Just a thought but maybe you should try and look at your "to do list" creatively. With upcoming wedding you need to get your home (nest) in order so that you can be rested to enjoy your daughters wedding and celebration. I have seen to many mothers-of-the-bride look haggard and not fully enjoying this joyful time.

    Of course I do look forward to your next new creation but I can wait.
    In sisterly love and friendship, Pam

  6. When this happens to me the best thing I can do for myself is to give myself a break and go do something else entirely. I do get pretty hard on myself when I get these blocks, but if I give myself permission to step away then inspiration comes back and I'm ready to create again. Enjoy a little creative break!

  7. Yes Karen, I understand exactly what you are saying - it's when you have things to do that you'd rather not and you want to create but you're not sure what... at least, that's how it is for me...
    It will pass, and you will be back to creating amazing things and sharing them with us!

  8. You'll be back creating beautiful little treasures before you know it, so don't fret! It happens to all of us :-). x

  9. I tend to like surprising myself. When I start creating I try to not have planned what I'm going to make and just decide on the spur of the moment. That way it kind of keeps it fresh for me.

    Try something new, or make something that you really enjoy creating. It doesn't matter if you can't decide what to use it for now. You make such gorgeous things, I enjoy seeing each new thing you post.

  10. I use my crochet blankets to step back and recharge. I pick a single colorway and a mindless pattern and just rest for a bit. I'm still making and by doing something creative yet mindless (if that even makes sense) the inspiring side of my brain can recharge.

    I love coming here to visit.