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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

One Should Pay Attention ..

Hello my dear friends,

really ... one should pay attention when working on a quilt or for the matter of fact anything.

Remember my 'quilt~headache' I had a few days ago? .. After I had to take two quarters of the quilt apart again and then noticing that I had cut 3 pieces ... better make that 5 pieces ...no, make that 7 pieces in the end, a quarter inch too small. I have no idea how that happened and then I finally discovered I had sewn two pieces wrong together ... I think I am finally on track and on my way to hopefully finishing this quilt in time for my daughter Caylagh's birthday.

I can't believe that this quilt has been so hard to put together. I have made quilts with over 1000 small squares and it went so much easier than this one with under 100 pieces. I am sure that the main problem was with the large triangles that stretched a little because of how they were cut. I just have to pay better attention.

And this where I am right now ...

... I sandwiched the layers together last night and this morning I began to quilt finally and that means the countdown has started ... wish me luck that my fingers will be able to quilt almost nonstop. The next time I will be sharing this creation with you is when it is completed.

 On another little note ...

.... my little 'cupboard mouse' is now on it's way to it's new home all the way in Indonesia which is over 12,900 km's/8000 miles away ... isn't that so neat?!

It would be nice for you to visit me here at Todolwen some time soon again and until then ...

I hope you are well and  life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.

Karen B.


  1. I don't know Karen, your piecing looks perfect to me! Will look for the finished pics!! Indonesia! That's fantastic!!

  2. Karen, your stitches are beautiful.

  3. Está quedando preciosa!
    Un abrazo

  4. Beautiful, beautiful! I do so love the hand quilting - it is my favourite of all. I have hand-pieced and hand-quilted a few quilts and they are my favourites - you are so smart to make this special gift for your daughter in this way. I am truly inspired by all that you do Karen...