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Friday, June 21, 2013

At Our Local Walmart

Hello my dear friends,

this is something I have wanted to share with you since a little while already but never got to doing so and it is something very neat too.

Since about 3 years now a pair of mallard ducks have chosen out of all places a batch of  tall grass that has been cut short the previous fall to make their nest and lay their eggs. And where is this batch of grass?! ...In the parking lot of our local Walmart!

The Walmart employees have taken to it and now every year there is a little fence placed around the nest to protect it and food and water dishes are placed close to the nest too for Mama duck.
I took a few photos very carefully not to disturb her and scare her away.

The Walmart employees took to the ducks nesting right away and placed a small fence around the nest to protect it and ...

... also gave Mama duck food and water ...
... so she wouldn't have to do without or leave the nest.
After about several of nesting by rain or shine ...

... all the sudden the nest was empty ~ not even pieces of eggshells were there ...

... only the soft feathers that Mama duck had pulled from herself to soften the nest. 

I know that mallard ducks have nested next to my neighbours fishpond twice now and to protect the nest, eggs and future baby ducklings from cats and raccoons he call the wildlife protection services which then came and took Mama duck and the eggs to a safe place. Maybe that is what has happened here too!? Next time I am at Walmart I will try and find out if anybody knows and then I will let you know too.

Last but not least ...

... here is a photo of 'my' ducks that are not so happy anymore since I took the winter cover off the pool and placed the solar blanket on it, but hopefully they will find a nicer place to swim for the summer other than our pool and hopefully they will be back next spring again.

It is always nice when you stop by and visit me and it would be so nice for you to visit me soon again here at Todolwen.

I hope you are well and life is treating you kind my dear friends.

Have a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B.  


  1. Awwww.... I hope mamma and babies are safe! We've had a lovely mallard couple visit us quite frequently this spring, but I haven't seen them in a while. :-(

  2. They have sweet and considerate employees at Wallmart, will remember that next time I´m in the States!!
    Thanks for posting about it..

  3. When we lived in Ottawa, Ont. (about 20 years ago!) we had a mallard who came by every evening to take a skinny-dip in our above-ground pool. A real treat, and we welcomed the visit every evening without fail.

    Isn't it great when the wild-life comes to you, instead of the other way around?


  4. Oh that is so sweet! my brother had a duck land at his work and did the same thing in this little spot of grass-and I remember a pair of ducks visiting our pool every summer-of course one night a raccoon tried to take a swim which didn't work out- much rescue work ensued - haha
    Thanks so much for sharing -such fun!