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Monday, June 3, 2013

Another Year Older ..

Hello my dear friends,

it was my birthday yesterday and I had such a lovely day!
My daughters both baked me a lovely cake ...

... and decorated it with real flowers like lavender and forget-me-not and ...

... they even dyed the batter a pale purple color ...

... to match the fresh lavender.

I received lovely cards ...

... from family and friends ...

... and lovely gifts too.

In the morning I received two gifts from my husband and daughters ...

... a new guardian angel pendant ...

... that I now wear with my cross and heart and the neatest thing is that it jingles every time I move now and I love it!

I was also gifted with a new key chain for my keys ...

... and a new purse which were both from Roots!
Not only that ... but I was also taken out for a lovely dinner too and finally ...
... my future son-in law gave me a gift card to one of my favourite stores.
My daughters and I spent a lovely day out at the flea market ~ my husband is away with work - and we headed to the beach at Lake Huron afterwards but didn't stay long because it was quite cold out but I did take a few photos to share with you.

 The beach looks amazing ... so peaceful.
All in all I had the most lovely day and I was gifted with so many lovely gifts.
My family is always so generous to me.
Thank you my loved ones for your kindness ~ I love you so much!
I wish all you lovely bloggers a beautiful day today!
I hope you are well and life is treating you kind,
Have a peaceful and creative day,
Karen B.


  1. Dear Karen

    Wishing you a very 'Happy Birthday' (belatedly)!
    Such a beautiful gifts you received from your family.
    The beach at Lake Huron looks wonderful, once the weather is warmer it will be filled with people.

    Thank you for for visiting me - I knew it was one of your crocheted butterflies - I've always loved them so I was thrilled to discover it in Suzy's book - thank you!
    Shane ♥

  2. Karen Felicidades!!! Unos regalos con mucho encanto y unas fotos preciosas, con un paisaje que envidio. Bss
    Rosa ♥

  3. Dear Karen.
    Congratulations from Catalonia on your birthday! You have had wondelful gifts!
    (Sorry for my bad English)

  4. Belated Happy Birthday. Your cake was oh so lovely, and your gifts very nice.

    Love your beach photos too. Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  5. Liebe Karen
    herzlichen Glueckwunsch zum Geburtstag!!!
    Von diesem wunderbaren Kuchen haette ich gerne ein Stueck mit Dir zusammen gegessen ;o)
    Liebe Gruesse

  6. Dear Karen,
    congratulation and blessing to your birthday!
    The pictures look like it was a wonderful time, with beloved people around you.

  7. Well of course I missed your birthday-- but you're celebrating all month- right!!! Your cake is beautiful- what a wonderful surprise for you! You really did have a lovely day- showered with gifts and love. Carry on-- keep the celebration going!

    Love you-

  8. Happy Birthday Karen, you had the most beautiful day didn't you? So much love put into your gifts, and the cake was gorgeous! I live in Michigan near the shores of Lake Huron, Ontario is just over the bridge. The water is the bluest and so beautiful. A walk there was the perfect end to your special day!

  9. Happy Birthday! Lovely gifts, a cake, a trip to the beach, the flea market....sounds like a perfect day!

  10. Wishing you another decade of delights...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, what fun photos. The Love of Family and Friends is a true gift and all those little extra's have made it so special. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was lovely...and that cake is wonderful! So pretty!!

  12. Hi Karen...isn't June 2 just the best day ever??? It is also my birthday, so glad it was a great day for both of us. Nah, we're not getting older - we're getting better.

    Happy belated birthday.


  13. Happy belated birthday. It looks like you were well and truly spoiled as you should be
    Rosie x

  14. Happy Birthday! Let your personal new year be lavender-pleasant, creative and harmonious...:)

  15. Happy Birthday sweet Karen (a little late)!!! Sounds like your day was just wonderful and I just love your gorgeous cake! Sorry it's been so long since I visited you ~ sending you hugs and love dear friend, Dawn

  16. Happy Belated Birthday and may you celebrate every day of your entire year.

  17. Happy belated birthday Karen. Mmmm... cake looks devine. Nothing like family to share a birthday with, besides the sweet gifts.

  18. Happy belated Birthday, dear Karen - you DO have a wonderful family, colouring the cake to match the lavender is pretty amazing....
    All the best in your new year of life - much joy and happiness
    Kiki in France

  19. Happy Belated Birthday! I'm so glad it was a wonderful day.