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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Am A Hopeless Romantic ..

Hello my dear friends,

I swear I am a hopeless romantic at times. ...

... I was tidying my studio up yesterday and unfortunately I drop my old Winnie the Pooh book and since it is quite tatty and damaged already the drop made it even worse; so much that it looked like the book had come completely apart.

 I picked it up and push everything back together and when I closed the top cover I saw something written on the inside of the brittle book spine ... it read as follows ...

...'Lavender ... Loveliness of an English Garden in Spring!... Resolved!... M _ _ _   visit McYardley's tomorrow _ _ _     replenish my beloved Lavender'.

Of course being who I am, I thought this was a hidden sweet note from the person that made the book that was never meant to be read really but had to be said and if only by word ... turns out that it is a piece of old newspaper that was used to line the inside of the spine of the book nothing more and nothing less. Then again ...

... maybe I will just forget I figured that one out and stay with the secret message/love note scenario instead?! It just makes this world a little nicer.
Last but not least ...
I would like to thank all of you lovely bloggers and others for all your kind words that you have left me for my birthday ~ you are all so sweet!
And finally ...
I will be listing another one of my 'Cupboard Mice' creations tomorrow morning in my Etsy shop. If you have a spare moment why not stop by here to see it or pop over to my shop instead.
I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.
Have a peaceful and creative day,
Karen B.


  1. Un descubrimiento muy romántico y bello!
    Un beso

  2. i love winnie the pooh! such a cool find!

  3. a WONDERFUL story you tell, Karen - and so apt to find it in a Winnie-the-Pooh book..... how sweet!
    I am like you - I immediately wd have made out a love story too.... Thank you for this delightful episode of your life!!!

    I have two VERY old Babar books, really, really old - they are SO delapidated that I hardly dare to touch them - but I DO love them.... when I have small French speaking children here, I very delicately show them the books and tell the stories. So, if they should come totally apart, who knows what I'm gonna find on their spines?! :)

  4. Now I am wondering what delightful little words are written in the spines of the vintage books I own!

  5. oh, wow a wonderfull story
    Greetings Corry

  6. I like your version the best - stick with it! :)

  7. So sweet Karen. All the time that was there to be read one day, how nice for you to be the recipient of the sentiment, no matter what it was!

  8. My theory is if you're unaware of the "story" behind the words, then it's alright to use your own story, and even add some embellishments, if you wish ;)

    Hope your birthday was the best ever, I know mine was.

  9. I still think it's secret message.. just used an unusal form to pass it on!!! But what a sweet book in which to find such a message.

  10. I will choose to think you have discovered a wonderful secret message in this very special and timeless book of Winnie the Pooh. Happy Creative Hearts...