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Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Little Preview For You

Hello my dear friends,

today I would like to share a little preview of my newest making. I did not design the original piece but I did a 'remake' of it in my own way.

At first I saw a picture of another 'remake' of the original on google and I loved it so much I decided to try to create my own piece.

This is the 'remake'  of the original I saw first. It was made by Cindy at 'Artgirl Island'.

The original design was made by Cynthia Thornton who designs beautiful jewelry. She made the necklace called 'Woodland Wings' which can be found in her book called 'Enchanted Adorments'.

 'Woodland Wings' by Cynthia Thornton ... so enchanting!

And here are my two little 'remakings' of these most beautiful creations ...

... in my own way.

I love how my little 'remakings' have turned out but this is not the final creation I have planned for them, which I am already working on. I will hopefully have it completed very soon.

So, don't forget to stop by in the next few days and visit me again, here at Todolwen!

I hope  you are well and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B. ~ Todolwen


  1. I'm looking forward to what you create with your beautiful wings. Re: last post.. I've been thinking about gifting myself with one of Dawn's needle cases. They are just so sweet.

  2. Oh how wonderful! I'm eager to see the final version of your creation. It's gorgeous already so I'm sure the final version is going to be over the moon!