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Friday, May 18, 2012

My Mothers Day Gifts

Hello my dear friends,

today I would finally love to share my wonderful gifts with you which I received from my two daughters Ashleigh and Caylagh for Mothers Day. They both were so sweet and thoughtful with their gifts for me and I love them both so much.

This is Ashleighs, my older daughters, gift to me ...

It is a canvas with a picture of my Mom who is not with us anymore since January 1st this year.

It is a copy from the original which is hand colored and so beautiful. I remember as a little girl I was always kissing this photo of my Mom. She was only 17 years old when this was taken.

I love all the details this gift has ... the little white clips ares actually one my old cafe curtain clips from my first appartment.

I love this so much for more than one reason!

And this is my younger daughter Caylagh`s gift to me ...

I love her little letters she writes to me!

But that wasn't all ...

... there were many coupons which were beautifully drawn for all sorts of things ...
bed making, sweeping the floors, washing dishes ... but the best ones are the 'hug coupons', they are really my most favourite!

I love my gifts so much and I hope you have enjoyed them as well. I hope that you had a very wonderful Mothers Day and that your gifts were like mine ... priceless!

I hope you will come and visit me here soon again at Todolwen and until then ...

I hope you are well and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B.


  1. Those are precious Mother's Day gifts!! So very priceless!

  2. Enhorabuena, realmente son unos regalos insuperables. El de la fotografia es una maravilla, con todos esos recuerdos y el regalo de la pequeña es muy bonito.

  3. These are true gifts of LOVE that you will treasure forever Karen.

    Oh how I wish I had some of those "HUG" coupons to call on!!!


  4. What treasures you have! And the gifts also!

  5. You're a very lucky Mum to have two sweet daughters...and they are fortunate to have you as their Mum! Thanks for sharing your lovely and thoughtful gifts.

  6. what bliss all over - so lovingly done, I see their tongues sticking out while writing, glueing, drawing.... :) And I was reminded of the times when I was a child and all four of us went out so very early in the morning to pick daisies from the lawn around the house.... we then brought them, together with mum's breakfas,t to her bed, and she pretended not to see the ants walking all over the place, the black rims under our fingernails and the coffee swapping over...
    Bliss, bliss.... your daughters are so hugely talented; I just wonder where they got their DIY skills from?! :)