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Monday, June 20, 2011

Where Did My Week Go?

Hello my dear friends,

I can't believe it ~ it seems like I have lost a week! It feels like just yesterday I was telling you about my baby girls birthday and now it is already a week later!!! From working in the yard to having a birthday party with 7 girls with all sorts of activities seems to have made me not realise how fast the last week has past. My husband came home for 10 days and there was so much to do. We stripped, cleaned and restained our deck which took 4 days!!(our deck is 320 square feet) Now all I have to do is paint all the spindles in an accent color and it is finished.

My daughter Caylagh had her birthday party with 6 of her girlfriends having a sleepover aswell. We did cupcake decorating and spray painting t-shirts amongst other things. I finally got to bed at about 2 am in the morning to wake up the next day at 8 am again to make breakfast for the girls which was pancakes with fresh strawberries and cream!!

These goodies were part of the cupbake docorating ~ from jelly beans to choclate chips and from purple sugar to mini m&m's.

Unfortunatly I didn't get any creating time for myself at all this past week. I do have a few ideas floating around inside my head but for some reason actually creating something right now is just not happening. It's like there is a link missing between thinking and doing right now and I don't know why and it bothers me a bit. Has anything like this happend to you before? Drop me a line and let me know! I am hoping that this week will be more peaceful for me and that my creative part of me will return slowly.

I hope you are all well.

Have a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B.


  1. Well, it sounds as though you were very busy with TWO timeconsuming and exhausting projects in one week. Kids are just draining. I thought it was just me until my kids' preschool teacher told me she goes home and takes a nap after class. LOL. Naturally, kids and family must come first and sometimes your energy level runs a little low. I'm sure your desire to create will return after you've had some time to destress. Hugs

  2. Oh yeah Karen I have days or hours or you name it, where I just can't pick up a brush, or translate my idea into the vision and make it real. It's like I suddenly have gremlins in my stomach and I pace and rant at the heavens...:)
    Then a day or two later I am back to normal and full of confidence. Weird, but typical of artists I am told, (the great ones anyway...nudge, nudge).
    I find if I don't try too hard and give myself some space I become rejuvenated.
    Your creations are always so beautiful and inspirational and I know you have many more ideas just waiting to burst forth, they'll arrive when you are ready for them!
    Tina xo