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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shopping Therapy Does Help!!

Hello my dear friends,

I must say it is true when somebody tells you that shopping is a therapy. I felt a bit down a few days ago so I visited a few antique stores with my daughter Ashleigh and I must say, I did feel better afterwards. Maybe it's down to all the neat things and one weird thing I found.

I found this lovely baby dress and the price was just shouting out to me to buy it. It is a bit stiff and has an old dusty smell to it, so I am still deciding if I should wash it or not?? What would you do??

Next in line are some neat old metal buttons. I am thinking of using these as the center of flowers, once I decide on what kind of flower to make.

I also found these three different pieces of cutlery. Not sure what they are really, but that won't stop me making something out of them. Now what that will be ~ no idea yet!!

An old pair of glitzy earrings.

More vintage lace. I really love this lace ~ I used it in my "little pink box".

A bunch of old small brass curtain rings.
 I think they look a little bit like miniature frames, don't you?

And last but not least ...

... the "weird" things!!

These are coffin studs.

Yes, I did say COFFIN! These came from a funeral home that no longer is and they are new and unused! I was taken by their beauty and how delicate they are. They are made from very thin tin. You certainly don't find something like this every day. My daughter was a bit unsure about these because of what they are. I think they are great.

And the best thing of the entire shopping trip was, I didn't spend a lot of money. So it is a win~ win situation for me and that makes me happy. Let me know what you think about my findings!!!

Have a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B.


  1. Fabulous treasures to be certain. I had not heard of or seen coffin studs but they are beautiful and I would have had to bring them home too. Happy you are feeling better after some shopping therapy.

  2. Great finds! Love the little dress. Wash with care and a gentle soak should be fine. I love the silverware, are they butter knives?

  3. i love your finds and the weird things are my favorites (good thing they are unused!)
    thanks for sharing!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  4. Fab finds! The baby dress appears to be organdy and never worn. Hand washing is fine to freshen it up. Wonderful coffin studs.

  5. What wonderful finds! I would wash the little dress, by hand of course, I do prefer linens etc to be nice and clean smelling.
    The studs, wow, they are so intricate and so beautiful, I would have bought them as well, regardless of their original purpose.

  6. Yummy!!!! I'm SO lovin' all your found treasures!!!! The coffin thingies are my fave of course ~ just because they're different! I'd say wash that old baby dress, maybe even add a little softener....and if you didn't pay much, don't worry if it turns to shreds! I like to wash them and THEN age, stain or do whatever I want to them ~ And I'm so loving the lace...the jewelry just everything Karen! Great score girl and thank you so much for stopping by to see me!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  7. fun finds. I love the lace too!
    Also, love your idea in post with baby dress, or using those rubber boot thingies for hangers.

    barbara jean