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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Time Flies

Hello my dear friends,

it has been such a very busy weekend for me in preparation for my daughter Caylagh's birthday. She was 11 years old on the 13th.

My beautiful baby girl Caylagh 1 hour old on June 13th 2000.

I had my work really cut out with giving her a room makeover as a birthday present. I have been shopping for weeks finding the right things for her and this morning I got everything together and did my "magic".

As a special little gift I decided to make Caylagh a rose pillow from an old summer dress of hers that she had out grown. It can now sit on her new chair. I might try and make another one with old lace or muslin.

And can you believe it she received a vintage piano from my neighbors as a birthday gift!!!! How generous and kind!!!

Caylagh's birthday cake was the way she loves it ~ homemade by my older daughter Ashleigh and me  with lots of strawberries inside and a huge peace sign made from jelly beans (water melon, green apple and strawberry flavors) to top it off. And she really liked it!!

The day was such a wonderful day ~ my baby is growing up ~ how the time flies!

Have a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B.


  1. Happy Birthday to Caylagh! Time DOES fly doesn't it? My daughter is going to be 29! Wow! How did that happen? I remember my 29th (just yesterday, I thought)?
    Her bedroom turned out beautifully! I love the pillow! And the cake turned out really cool! Love the flavors that you chose for the jelly beans.
    Happy hugs to you,

  2. Oh yeah, the piano? WOW!!!! :)

  3. Love the room makeover! The cushion is very special too! Have a great day.

  4. A very Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter Caylagh! The pillow is just so precious and how wonderful of your neighbors to give her a piano, wow!
    11 is such a wonderful age, so filled with possibilities and wonder. I hope she savors every moment of this special year in her life!
    Tina xo

  5. Oh do wish her a Happy Birthday from me, please. She must have been thrilled to bits with her birthday presents.

  6. Happy birthday to your daughter from me.
    And the piano, what a wonderful gift.