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Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Have A Dream

Hello my dear friends,

I am sure everyone of you has one of these ~ a dream. Mine is a little store just off a main shopping street in our town. It is nothing special, believe me!! I am sure there is no electricity or heating in it. Looking at it, it seems that the back of it has been bricked off some time ago and where the new wall is there is a long crack in the corner all the way down to the floor. I drove down last month again to look at it and it is in a bad state. There isn't even a washroom or a storage room  ~  it really is just one room!

The shop has a front door and a wonderful large window and it's just around the corner of a street called Richmond Row with all neat stores and coffee shops. Right now an old lady uses it to sell over- priced antique and vintage things. You can't even get into the room because everything is just stuffed into it and everything is so dirty and grubby. It makes me sad to see old things just tossed into cardboard boxes and then thrown into a room.

I have a picture in my mind of this shop and how it could look ... I wish I could let you look into my head to see it!! I would have it painted a pale cream color and the floor would be wood. I would have antique furniture to display my creations. I think my favourite part would be the window. I would have the name of my store painted onto a sign and hang it in the window and a small table would display a few items. There would be flowers boxes outside and everything would be bright and pleasant with little pieces of loveliness would be displayed every where inside. (Next time I go there, I will try and take a few pictures of the place.)

Well that's my dream! Reality is that I don't even know if it could be rented in the state it is in. Maybe I will make some inquiries about it, find out who the owner is and maybe even talk to them. You never know, something might come out of it. Maybe if I believe in it my dream might come true one day.

Never stop dreaming my dear friends!!!

Please leave me a comment and tell me what your dreams are!

Have a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B.


  1. Karen - have you been reading my mind? I would love a wee shop - one just like your dream shop, filled with lovely things. I daydream about this too! Who knows, one day ..... ! Until then - keep the dream alive!

  2. I know that dream; I spy a show downtown which I love to rent. It would be a artsy type shop, consignment type. I use to do windows, decorate them and lure people in. I went downtown and offered my services. No bites, I was going to do it for free, first time. No one would let me. It is amazing how free didn't even work. They asked for ideas, I gave a few. It is lovely to have a dreams... could you do an online show with smaller items?!

  3. Karen ~ That would be so much fun !! I would love to visit a shop with all of your beautiful things in it :)


  4. I can see it, I can see it, I can see it! You have described it so well, I really can imagine exactly what it would look like, and knowing your blog, I have a good idea of what you would be displaying as well. Oh, you should follow your dream and at least make enquiries.........

  5. Karen, don't give up on your dream. I'm sure it will happen if you keep the dream alive and keep an open mind. There Will be a place to make this dream a reality. I lived a similar dream to yours although I Never dreamed I'd have an antiques store. It just sort of fell into place. It was so much fun gathering treasures at auctions, etc. and displaying them in lovely vignettes for my customers to browse.

    Now I dream of having a little Tea Room. I would serve pies and pastries on pink depression glass dessert plates and assorted beautiful floral decorated vintage china and, of course, vintage table linens.