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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Time Creating

Hello my dear friends,

you all know how much I love making pincushions and here is the latest one I have created. It is made from an old salt or pepper shaker that I picked up in a thrift store some time ago and then it just sat on my shelf waiting until the day before yesterday.  I am trying to keep to Dawn's advise - create something every day! I am trying to do so it doesn't matter how small the something is.

What used to be a tarnished shaker is now a precious and lovely pincushion.

Pearls and crochet pansies must be one of my favourite ways to embellish something old and tarnished.
( Sounds familiar?! I am sure I have said this before!)
 I am always on the hunt for more of these.

I like that you can take off the lid, and inside there is the actual pincushion hiding away waiting to be found.

I love that I was able to decorate the inside and outside to match one another.

I think so far this must be one of my favourite pincushions that  I have created.
And now back to the 'drawing board' hopefully with more new ideas for new creations that I can share with you!!!

Have a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B.


  1. Love it...pansies are one of my favorite flowers

  2. Karen, it is so very beautiful-love it can be opened up.

  3. Karen ~
    Oh my gosh that is soooo beautiful and precious!!
    I just love your pin cushions ~


  4. What a beautiful pincushion, and what a clever idea to have the actual pincushion hidden away inside the salt shaker. Gorgeous.

  5. What a beautiful little pincushion Karen! I am definitely going to haunt the thrift stores and see what I can find to make a lovely pincushion too! Thanks for the inspiration.
    Tina xo

  6. Karen, this is so sweet!! I love that it's tiny and almost pedestal-like and that it has a "secret" inside of it! Don't you love looking for unusual things to use in crafts!

    And in the last post, the basket from a doily. That fabric stiffener stuff is great! My grandmother used to use sugar to stiffen doilies and guess what happened in the summer...ants would get into the house and be all over the doilies wanting that sugar! LOL!

    Thank you for posting pics of my creations.
    You've just inspired me so much with those little feathers. I made more yesterday! I put a whole bunch of them into a little peat pot to keep handy when I need one as an embellishment.

    Hugs and have a happy week!

  7. Those are so very sweet!!!

    barbara jean

  8. What a beautiful pincushion. Taking the lid off and finding the little pincushion inside is a nice surprise. Love it.