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Thursday, April 14, 2011

So Many Beautiful Giveaways!!

Hello my dear friends,

it must be the time of year - Spring time - that makes bloggers so generous with their giveaways. I found three wonderful blogs today and you should go and visit them, they are wonderful!! All three of these blogs are having giveaways this month and I can tell you the gifts are amazing!!!

The first new blog I found is 'Art Joy Stuff ' and it belongs to Kimberly.

And this is her giveaway this month.
Her gifts are so lovely! 

The second blog I found is ' Junk To Joy ' and it belongs to Becky.

And are is her gifts in this month's giveaway.
So many beautiful things!

And last but not least ...
... the third blog I found that was new to me was ' A Vintage Affaire ' which belongs to Sherrie.
She has a lovely blog and some very neat tutorials as well.

Sherrie will be gifting some lucky person some gorgeous treasures!

So my dear friends, go and visit  these lovely ladies and their blogs - you will love them! Be sweet and leave them some heart warming words while you are there. Anybody lucky enough to win any of these giveaways will be very happy.

Have a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B.


  1. Karen ~
    Those are all wonderful giveaways ~
    How much fun!!

  2. Hi Karen! It's great to meet you! Love your blog and am following you now too!

    Thanks so much for promoting my giveaway!
    This is so much fun, I may have to do it more often!!

    Have a joyful day! I am going to check out the last one!

  3. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog to introduce yourself, and for passing along the info on my April giveaway, you're a sweetie!
    enJOY a lovely day,

    ps-your little bird and tutorial are adorable!