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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Wonderful Gift!

Hello my dear friends,

yesterday I received a parcel from my lovely Aunt from Vancouver,BC. Her name is Rickie and is one of the most neatest and sweetest ladies I know and I love her dearly! She is planning on selling her house and downsizing and so she decided to gift me with some things she didn't need anymore.

 How exciting is this? I wonder what is inside this box for me??!!

I knew she was going to give me one of her beautiful tablecloths that my great aunt made - a real family heirloom!
And there was more to come ...

 A pretty embroided tablecloth with matching napkins and a large pillowcase that was also embroided.

Isn't this just gorgous?!

And this is so pretty aswell!

But this is BEAUTIFUL!!
My great Aunt Mary was a big crafter and used to make the most wonderful blankets and tablecloths. Some of them must have taken her forever.

 I am not sure how many flowers she had to have crochet for this tablecloth? Maybe I should count them one day.

I am so thrilled to have these treasures now and I am grateful to my Aunt for giving them to me.

Love you Rickie

Have a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B.


  1. Those are beautiful!!
    I am constantly amazed at how
    someone actually hand made these
    beautiful things ~

  2. Wow, Karen! What wonderful treasures your Aunt sent you! I love it! The doilies with the lavendar thistles are awesome! A hard color to find!
    Have a wonderful day.

  3. Wow, lucky you......they are just beautiful!!! hugs...cleo

  4. WOW!!!!! Im like you love the old family treasure's, Oh you must be stoked, the lavendar thistles look so real, the cotton they used in those days surpass what we have today in tecture and colour highlights, and have lasted for years.
    AWESOME treasures
    XX :-)

  5. What a wonderful box of treasures. My Great Grandmother was like your aunt and never had idle hands. My aunt gave me a tablecloth that had been made by GGM as a wedding gift and it was the most precious gift we recieved. I mended one of my Mom's and let me tell you. The quality of materials and the skill in which they crochet then far exceeds what I can do or obtain today. Enjoy your treasures.

  6. The heather and thistle embroidery is just beautiful, but being Scottish, I would say that!