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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

My First Walk Of 2017 ~ Part 1 ...

Hello my dear friends,

a few weekends ago the skies were blue once again for a little while and it was time to get out of the house and go for a walk. It was still very cold outside, temperatures were in the minus but but not too cold for a walk ... my first walk of 2017 and it would be nice if you would walk with me again.

I had seen this whilst driving home one day.

It is the river Thames that flows through London, Ontario.

 It is normally a smaller and shallow river but once the snow melts it becomes a fast flowing and much deeper one. The water had already gone back down after it had flooded the surrounding area a few days before and ice sculptures that look like glass chandeliers were left hanging from the trees and bushes that lived in and next to the water.

I had to see more of this and so I drove back home, picked my camera up and headed back to the river accompanied by my older daughter Ashleigh.

We have now lived in London for the past ten years now and we have never walked here before.
This is what we saw this Winter time ...

You can see how high the water had been by where the ice is at it's highest point. 

Everywhere you looked the was beautiful nature made ice art to be seen.

Signs of flooding were all over the banks of the river.

Large disks of ice were laying on the grass, resting ... just waiting to melt in the sun.

A pair of ducks were actually swimming in the river and didn't seem to mind the icy water at all. The water must had been very high before this melt. It looks like almost 4 feet higher than it was when I took this photograph.

Ice puddles were something I had not seen before and didn't know that they existed.

The trees that live in the river looked like someone had taken the time to hang many glass crystals on them.

A large disk of ice, very slowly turning in the water at the edge of the river.
 It was such a stunning sight.

Many ice disks at the edge of the water.
 I am not actually sure if they were wanting to get into or out the the cold waters.

Smaller ones hanging from branches above the surface of the water.

Icicles everywhere you looked, glistening in the sun rays. 

It was so lovely to see the color blue in the skies when you looked up ...

... and not the dull gray and it was such a treat to feel the warm the sunshine. 
It was like the icing on a cake.

Thin sheets of ice were now breaking apart from the warmth, everywhere you looked.

The ice stayed when the water of the river retrieved again.
It was such an amazing sight to ice as if it was 'floating' in the air, surrounding everything. It was about ten inches off the ground in this area.

This little tree just didn't want to let go of it last leaves.

The further we walked down the path, the icier and the more dangerous it became to walk. We walked on the the forest floor as much as we could and there was so much more beauty all frozen in time and ice to see.

The entire forest ground must had been flooded at one time.

This is just beyond amazing ...

... it must had been so cold at one point that the bubbles in the water froze instantly.
I had never seen anything like this before!

Not only were there beautiful things to be seen on the ground but as I walked past a bush ...

... there was another piece of nature to be seen close up.

A birds nest just so pretty and neat. I think it must have fallen out of a tree that was just next to a few bushes and some of  the branches of one of the bushes underneath 'caught it's fall' and saved it from being destroyed.

This is where my walk ends for today and I hope you have enjoyed it. Tomorrow I will share the second part. So if you feel like joining me again why not stop by here at Todolwen again.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. Oh it's so nice to see sun and spring weather. By us in Austria ist so much snow and it is so cold since weeks. I hope the spring will come to us soon. Hugs - Margit

    1. Hi Margit,
      we are only having a break in the weather. Snow is on it's way again for us too.
      Karen B.

  2. I'm so glad you took the time to go home to get your camera! What amazing pictures of beautiful nature. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Preciosos paisajes y preciosas fotografías!!

  4. Your pictures are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Good Morning Karen. You have captured nature at it's best.
    Have a wonderful day.

  6. What amazing pictures! Thank you for the glimpse at this magical world.

  7. Ice is beautiful and you captured the beauty time and time again. Thanks for the (cold) walk!


  8. Oh how unbelievable beautiful are your photos Karen!

    Hugs Ines♥

  9. Absolutely stunning! Nature has created her own Christmas trees and those ice circles are something I've never seen before. Wonderful photos!