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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Code Word 'Christmas Tree' ...

Hello my dear friends,

I am so behind in sharing things with all of you these days but I didn't want to miss sharing this.

You all know how much I just love putting a smile on some one's faces and in their hearts.
This year I was on a mission and the code word was 'Christmas tree' and this is 'story'about it ...

... I have a friend that I met whilst my husband was in the army and we lived in the UK. She is a lovely bubbly and sweet lady and her name is Tracey. Two Christmas's ago she was such a kind and sweet person when I was in need. She was there and helped me. My 'in need' was the following ... I needed something called 'Bisto'. It is a British gravy powder and I needed the turkey flavored one for my Christmas dinner. I could not get it anywhere in Canada so I face-booked my friend in the UK and without any questions asked, she went out and bought me two tubes of my so much loved Bisto and mailed them to me here in Canada. If that wasn't sweet enough, she didn't even want me to repay her but instead she gifted it to me for Christmas. Talk about a sweet girl! My Christmas dinner was so good with all the lovely gravy!

This past Christmas it is my turn to do something nice for Tracey.

A few years ago whilst Tracey and her husband were stationed in Germany, she bought a real  Christmas tree that had roots. He lived in a pot and I think she even gave him a name. She loved this little tree a lot and again if I remember correctly, she even took him back to the UK when their time in Germany was up. Unfortunately the little tree didn't survive and my friend was a little sad about it.  Now that their army time is almost over, they have bought their first own home with a garden and that is where my mission starts. Cue music in your mind and let it play ... 'We wish you a Merry Christmas'.

This year I made it me special little thing, my Christmas mission to put a smile on her face and to repay her kindness that she showed me. I got in touch with her husband Darren and talked to him about it. He is so sweet and agreed to help me make this happen. He was going to go and buy a small real Christmas tree with roots that she could plant in their garden. A red bow was a must and a tag too, wishing her a Merry Christmas from me. I am so excited to do this, I almost feel like I am a child again and I can't wait for Tracey to see it.

Fast forward ... this past Christmas Eve ...

....  that was how I had started to write this post a few weeks ago,  thinking that that is how it would happen ago but things have changed.

It turns out that Tracey had three fir trees living outside the front of her new home and her husband couldn't find a nice one to plant in the backyard. Hmm .. what to do?! Turns out that Tracey also loves fruit trees, so we changed plans. Instead of a fir tree I asked Darren to buy her a nice little fruit tree which he did. He bought a lovely cherry tree that will grow in their garden. He was so sweet and called me crazy because I was so keen on doing this for my friend. He wrapped the tree a little and added a red bow, ribbons and a tag, just like I had asked him to do.

This is what it looked like ~ all pretty and Christmassy!

My friend Tracey was quite sick in bed with a nasty virus on Christmas Day but that didn't stop her from walking into the room with the words ... 'What the hell?!' coming out of her mouth I was told. When she read the tag and her husband told her the story behind the tree, she was very touched and happy. She named the tree 'Bailey' after my family which again made me happy and said that every time she would pick cherries she would think of me and family. (Tissue needed to wipe tears away.)

My Christmas mission was a full success and that in return has made me so very happy.
It's so nice to be nice!

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. Oh tears in my eyes too now...
    you are such a wonderful person Karen!!!

    Hugs Ines♥

  2. It IS so nice to be nice. And you are the nicest of them all.

    Happy cherry pickin'!!!!!!!!!!!