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Friday, October 21, 2016

A Early Fall Foggy Morning Walk ...

Hello my dear friends,

remember me recently saying I hadn't been to our park in a long time?
 Actually the last time I was there snow was still on the ground and that is some time ago! A few days ago I did the same walk I always do but it is never really the same. There is always something different than the time before.

On that morning the air was cool and damp and smelt so good. Almost no one was out walking apart from a few people with their dogs. The birds were singing in the distance and it was just so peaceful.

I hope you will enjoy walking with me again.

Walking into the park, everthing was so still.

Looking down at the water ...

 ... a few ducks were in the distance ...

... quietly sitting or maybe even sleeping in the creek.

Here and there leaves were slowly changing their colors.

Cat Tail pond was filled with what I have named it after... many, many cat tails. 

So many actually that there was almost no water to be seen.

The creek was flowing very slowly ...

... and I found the cause of it a bit further up stream ...

... one of our local beavers had worked on it's dam.
I am so happy that our city is now working on leaving local beavers to in live in peace and not having them trapped and taken away.

Little maple seed 'helicopters' all dried up and waiting for the next stronger gust of wind to let them 'take off ' on the flight of their life.

There is something lovely about the fog ... everything tends to look much softer and maybe even a little magical too in my eyes. (Only if I am not driving in it though!)

The water of the creek is so clear this morning and the banks are overgrown with lots of plants from the past summer days.

Soon all the leaves will be gone and snow and frost will cover this beautiful place and make it even prettier in white.

More little 'splashes' of red along the path that I am walking.

One of the nice things that I saw was that ...

... even an old fallen dead tree doesn't go to waste. Instead it gives new life!

I have never looked at this place before. I had to go right to the waters edge to see how lovely this part of the creek is. I know my younger daughter has seen deer resting on the grass on the right before whilst walking here.

Further down the water starts to rush and not slowly flow anymore, taking fallen leaves with it.
There is something about the sounds it makes. I would love to live somewhere where there is a creek at the bottom of our garden or a small river... that is a little dream of mine.

And there is the bridge, the turn point of my walk as always.

This time I went a little further than I normally do but ...

... then it was time to head back.

Back over the bridge ...

... and down the long path again.

I call these leaves ghost leaves. They turn from a lovely green to a beautiful white color in the fall and are just so stunning.

The fog was slowly lifting now and ...

... my walk is almost over.

Back at the top of the creek ...

... one last photo of this lovely morning and then back home again.
I love walking here; It is so close to home and such a beautiful place to be.

Thank you for 'walking' with me and I hope you have enjoyed it.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. What a beautiful place to take a walk! You're very blessed to have such a place close by. So calming and serene. Thank you for taking the time to share these beautiful pictures. I felt like I was right there with you. It brought peace to my heart.

  2. Wow, wonderful pictures. I'd be tempted to take a walk there everyday!

  3. I'd forgotten all about the "helicopters" ... miss them. The ghost leaves, too. Aren't they beautiful? Ohhhhhhhhhhh, and that fallen tree giving new life is spectacular. Isn't God great!?!

    Happy day ...

  4. As always I love to go for a walk with you Karen!
    So beautiful and peaceful photos! Thank you!

    Hugs Ines♥

  5. Wow how beautiful. Thanks for taking us along on your beautiful walk. Ok Miss neutral girl here loves those ghost leaves. I have never seen those before. Love love love them. Happy New Week.

  6. Thanks! I needed that walk! You take such nice photos, and if really shows the mood of the places. This time, the fog. So soft, and such find reminders that fall is taking place.

  7. That was lovely, I could hear the sounds around you and feel the quiet cool air around. Thank you

  8. I love the beaver dam. We do not have beavers in this country but I have always wanted to see a dam.

    Would you do me a favour please? I would love to see this series of photographs repeated when it is cold and frosty and snowy white.

  9. I am glad you enjoyed 'walking' with me. If you type the word 'walk' into the searchbar in the top left corner of this page my walks in the Winter and after it had snowed should come up for you to read/see. I hope you enjoy them too.
    Hugs.Karen B.