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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Our Beautiful 'Shorter' Willow Tree ..

Hello my dear friends,

our willow tree means the world to me and always has from day 1.

The first time I viewed our house when it came up for sale, I fell in love with the willow and that hasn't changed. Over the years it just grew and grew and then when it got hit by lightning 5 years ago. We thought it would die but it didn't. It continued to grow but it was 'injured' now and getting a little too tall and somewhat dangerous too because of it's size and where it was growing. Therefore it was given a harsh treatment last November that is called 'pollarding' and I can't believe how well it is doing this year.

It had grown to be over 90 feet tall at one point and it needed to be taken down by half to become safe once again.

In early Spring this year whilst the snow was still falling, the first leaves started to appear.

After the snow left, more leaves grew ...

... but only on the whispy branches that had not been cut.

With the warmth of the Spring sun more new branches started to grow finally  ...

... and that all over the tree.

Slowyly but surely our willow was recovering and looking better than ever and much more safe aswell.

I have already had to trim it back so I would be able to cut the lawn underneith it.

 And now the sun shine can be seen again which is just so beuatiful.

Just look at our tree!

 I took this photo after a bad storm we had two weeks ago.
It is such a beautiful creation made by Mother Nature.

Our willow is once again standing strong and proud and I don't have to worry too much about it right now. I can just sit and enjoy it which I do so much. Hopefully it will be in our garden for many more years from now.

Come back soon and visit me here again, at Todolwen when you have a few spare moments and see what I have been up too.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. I too have a thing for willow trees and yours is lovely!

  2. A wonderful love story :-)!

    Hugs Ines♥

  3. Karen - your tree looks gorgeous. It gives me hope. I am getting ready to have a bunch of trees trimmed back and/or removed from my new to me home. I have worried about them growing back but now I feel better. Thanks.


  4. I remember how sick you felt about what was being done to your tree and I am so glad that it has recovered and is rewarding you with beauty (and shade) once again. Yay!

  5. I remember the damage...it does look great.

  6. Such a beautiful tree. Happy that it is still alive and standing strong.
    Hugs from Lina

  7. Such a beautiful tree, I can understand your feelings.
    When we bought the ground where we built our house, there was a walnuttree on it. And I felt in love with it.
    Hugs - Margit

  8. Nothing wrong with 'shorter' that's for sure. (Spoken from an under five-foot individual!) This tree is still majestic and beautiful. All those worries for naught. Enjoy her!


  9. Wonderful Karen. It looks gorgeous once again. Shorter is so much better. I bet the tree feels so much better too with it's new hair cut!!! Happy Friday.

  10. Wow your tree really has improved! Weeping willows are my favorite trees.
    ..so this makes me very happy:)