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Friday, August 12, 2016

Change Of Plans ..

Hello my dear friends,

at times when I would like to sit and work on something, I am obviously not meant too.
That was the case late last night.

I wanted to work on making a few more of those beautiful big white flowers I had share with you a little while ago or at least cut the petals out that I needed for them but our cat Alexia had other things in mind for me.

She sure didn't want me to cut my fabric as you can see ...

... but I just couldn't make her move.

Look at that sweet little face ... cutting fabric can wait for another day.

The heat is still a thing here in Southwestern Ontario but hopefully we will get a few cooler days soon. I would love to go for a walk again but I am not going to do so in this yucky weather.

When I woke up yesterday morning just after 5 am it was quite foggy outside due to all the moisture in the air.

I make sure that my little watering stations are with clean fresh water all the time now ...

... and I think the critters are grateful for me doing so.

This little dove had a drink and then decided to lay down and spread it's wings in hope of cooling down. I just wish it would have done so in the shade and not the sun.

And last but not least ...

... a day ago a tornado close to our town was confirmed ~ what a scary thing!
Today it is going to fell like it is 42C with humidex again, so it's inside work only for me. I am sure, I won't be bored for too long. I am going to use this time to get some photographing done so I can share some of my newest creations with all of you very soon.

 Please stay cool today if it is hot where you are!

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. Oh Karen what a lovely photo of your Alexia.
    Yes she is right and you have to rest too sometimes ;-).
    Here in Germany it is like autum at the moment. Yesterday morning 8°C let me freeze. For tomorrow summer should come back with 25°C. I hope so. Winter will be long enough.

    Hugs Ines♥

  2. Hello Karen, cats are like that aren't they?If they find their spot that's it.That's where they will nap. Cute kitty! Lovely that you leave water for the birds.

  3. I know all about change of plans where a pets is concerned. We got two mini dachshunds last year and they are lap dogs with a capital L. And most of the time you just have to put down the paper or whatever you're doing sitting to have at least one of them on your lap. The youngest one (still a puppy at heart) will NOT take no or later for an answer!!!
    Love that kitty of yours.

  4. Dear Karen!
    Your cat is just so sweet. I can understand, that you are unable to wake her up. 42 C is really very hot. Here in Austria the summer is a lot cooler this year, not typical for us. Lets hope it cools down soon for you. Kind regards Margit

  5. We have seven cats, most of which would love to invade our space with their loveliness. We have finally found a solution that would allow them to be close but not on what we are doing. It is simply a kittie katcher! It is also known as a basket or box. We have put a basket close by on our computer table and near our crafting table. We know how much kitties love to get in boxes and baskets! It works — for the most part. It takes a little training and insisting, but it works — for the most part. You could try it unless, of course, you are trying to get out of work!

  6. I would say that is the absolute best reason not to play with fabric! I miss my studio buddy but alas DH has developed a huge allergy and we had to give our kitty to our son. Hope you got some rain over the last few hours - we did and it's most welcome.

  7. All our poor little creatures need a helping hand and kindly accept it without question, you're stations are a god send to your little visitors. Keep upthe good work. Mary

  8. The cat is so cute. The summer in Croatia is beatifull this year, especially if you are somewhere on the islands. Best regards from Zagreb.