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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My Heart Is Once Again Broken ...

Hello my dear friends,

my heart is so heavy once again. It has received another crack and I am so very, very sad.

Do you all remember several months ago I shared that a lovely cat had died that lived in our neighbourhood? His name was Marmalade and he wasn't actually my cat but he was my baby boy, my outdoor cat and he belonged to my heart.

It broke my heart when he died but it helped because his Mama was still around which made it a tiny bit easier for me to cope with him being gone. I would sit down with her on our deck, hug and stroke her and talk to her about him and the tears would flow every time. But she was there for me and me for her and I am sure she felt how upset I was and I knew she missed him too.

Yesterday I found out that now this cat, Patches was her name, has also died. I had a bad feeling something wasn't right since a little while. She has died and my heart is so very heavy again especially because I feel that her death could have been prevented by the owner which makes me very, very angry as well. Some people should not have animals!

So today I am remembering a lovely little Mama cat which I will miss so very, very much.

Patches was one of the cutest cat I have ever known and such a small little girl with a gentle purr and lovely personality to go with it.

She would spend hours on our back deck enjoying the peace and quite.

My outdoor babies ...

... I hope you will have so much fun together in heaven now.

These two beautiful animals have been a huge part of my life for just over 8 years and I am so grateful for every single moment of it.

I wish you all a peaceful day.


  1. Oh, dear Karen understanding you. It's a very sad thing, to lose such wonderful friends. Yes indeed, we have two cats, they are our darlings, it's family... 😿 The older one is over 12 years and has problems with the heart. At last we canceled our holiday, I couldn't drive leave my Sweet at home.


  2. How very sad - it's hard to lose a beloved furry friend I know. As I type this the picture/saying in your sidebar is very appropriate...the one that says "Find me blowing kisses to Heaven". Blow kisses Karen - I know your furry friends will get them.

  3. How very sad for you. Thinking of you, pat

  4. Even when they are not our own they still touch a special place in our hearts. Sending hugs your way.

  5. Oh Karen, It is just so hard when furry friends leave us. My heart aches for you. Praying that God will bathe you in His peace, and comfort you with His love.

    Hugs, sweetie,

  6. My heart breaks for you and the kitties. The Rainbow Bridge is too full of pets who have not been cared for properly.

    Indoor pets live longer. Indoor pets who have veterinarian care (including neutering and spaying) live longer. While we can't control what others do, we can love these animals and care for them as much as we can without overstepping the bonds of ownership.

    We acquired "The Three Musketeers" when an old neighbor was having issues with mold in her home. In January, she said it would be about two months and she would contribute to their care. Then, it was three. We showed her the vet bill that indicated how much we spent just to allow them to come into our home healthy so that our own five cats wouldn't be subjected to any diseases. She said she couldn't pay the close to $400. She gave us her cats. They had lived outdoors for all of their lives, and she didn't care for them well. It was out of willful ignorance. At least, we had urged her to spay and neuter them. When we would see them, we would pick the ticks off of them. We would tell the neighbor that they had fleas or injuries. We love them, and we cared for them when they weren't ours. We didn't want any young cats. Our are in the 16-17 year-old range. Now we have something like 4, 5 and 8. We were hoping to whittle the clowder down by attrition, but the new "Triploids" will be with us for quite awhile. We owe it to them to care for them. It's been months, and the youngest is still trying to adapt to living indoors. He's finally stopped pacing and "running the circuit" as much. He's also more friendly and pet-able. Our cats and hers don't mix, so there is much turmoil. We will care for them all, because it is our duty. And, we love them.

  7. Ja.... ich weiss wie das ist.... :o(
    Es tut mir leid.

  8. Ah Karen I feel your pain having lost quite a few beautiful furry friends in the past. The only words of comfort I can offer you is that they made your life richer and you gave them much love and affection while they were here which they may not have received elsewhere. Hugs, Margie x

  9. Wie traurig das ist

  10. I am so sorry for your loss. I have 15 rescue cats and they complete my life. I agree with you completely, just know that you added complete and unconditional love to the lives of Marmalade and Patches.

  11. I am so sorry for your loss. You gave them love and can receive some solace knowing they are together again.

  12. Oh Karen I am so sorry to hear this. Both of these loves were beautiful kitties. So glad you gave both of them a place of peace and happiness on your deck. Treasure those sweet memories of them coming to your deck to say Hi and be loved. That was such a beautiful gift they gave you and you gave them. Now they are back together in heaven hope that brings some peace to you. I know your heart is heavy. So sorry for this loss Karen.

  13. What a sad time indeed, I'm sorry your heart is broken once more but you shared a love with the two little cats which they offered back to you with no strings attached. I feel for and with you. Mary

  14. Dear Karen,
    I cried as I read this post. I just lost my Ellie Belle one month ago. She was the first cat that I loved. She was mine for 19 years. I understand your sorrow. GOD love you as you grieve.

  15. Oh Karen... I am so sad your heart is broken again...