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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Just Add Snow ~ Part 2 ..

Hello my dear friends,

this is the second part of my 'Just Add Snow' walk.
I had planned to share it yesterday but we had some issues with our Internet service.

Arriving back where the ducks were, I saw this sign. I must had overlooked it last time I was here.
Our city is trying to make things work out between the beavers that live in our city and the trees and homeowners and I really hope this project will be a success.

As soon as I walked up to where the it was the easiest for the ducks to get on the embankment, they all came to feast on the grain I had brought them again.

Some of them walked and some of them flew. I have always wished to capture a bird in flight in one of my photographs and this time I did. Not once but several times I was able to get a photograph of a duck flying and landing and I am beyond happy about it.

These were two different female ducks that flew and landed close to where I was standing.
I didn't even know that I had captured these images until I got home. It was just too bright to see the images on my screen at the time, so I just stood there 'clicking away' and hoping for the best. 

An amazing photo even though I wasn't too happy how it came to be. 
A lady came down the path with her dog that wasn't on a lead, which is a by-law of our city. The dog just went for the ducks, chasing them all up and into the safety of the cold water.  I made her aware that her dog should be on a lead at all times and she apologized, then secured him and left the park. 

After recovering from their scare, some of the ducks slowly came back out of the water ...

... but others preferred the safety of the ice.

The creek was so beautiful as I walked towards the pond ...

... which was now completely frozen and covered with snow. 
You couldn't make out where the water started and where the land ended so I stayed a little further back not wanting to take a dip in the freezing water.

Walking back some of the ducks flew towards the rustling of my plastic bag the held the grain, ...

... again making one of my little dreams of capturing a bird in flight come true.

This little one tried to get to the food by heading into the deepest part of the snow. Just like me, she found it hard at times to move in the deep snow, so she lay there resting for a moment before trying again.

I emptied my bag of the last bits and pieces for the feathered critters and before heading home for the day, I didn't miss the chance of taking a few last photos of some of the lovely mallard ducks in their cold and icy surroundings.

I hope you have enjoyed walking with me again.

I am looking forward to my next walk some time soon. Not sure if it will the same walk or if I will venture out somewhere new and maybe you will join me and walk with me again.

Thank you for taking the time to visit me here at Todolwen. It is always so nice when you do.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. Wonderful pictures...love how you have captured the ducks and the snow.

  2. Oops! Sorry about the messed up comment...learning to use my new tablet and hit the wrong button. As I was saying.. I can't imagine how those little birds keep warm in the snow.

  3. LOVE the birds in flight. Amazing photos!

    Happy walking ...

  4. Hi Karen! Your photos are awesome! You always take great photos and I just love those sweet ducks. Shame on that woman that didn't have her dog on a leash. What's even worse is when dogs are unleashed at the beach. Urrrrrrrr! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Oh Karen... how wonderful are these flying ducks? You are a great photographer!!!

    Hugs Ines♥

  6. Thanks for sharing your walk in the park with us. I absolutely loved the snow covered landscape and the ducks. You're so nice to take them food when food is so hard to come by for them with snow on the ground. I'm envious of your beautiful park.

  7. What a wonderful winter post! Your photography of your feathered friends is just beautiful!

  8. This is so heart-warming Karen! Such beautiful nature photos.. What a special blessing. Thank you for sharing your lovely outing with us <3