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Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Morning Walk ~ Part 1 ..

Hello my dear friends,

two days ago it has once again started snowing here in south-western Ontario and you all know how much I love snow. Of course I just couldn't miss the chance to got for a walk before the beautiful white stuff was gone again. (little did I know it was only the beginning) The park and the pond just down the road from where we live and it is such a lovely place to spend time.

I took my camera along to capture everything I saw and took over 120 photographs ( I know a lot!) in 50 minutes of walking. I have now narrowed them down somewhat and I would love to share them with all of you. I won't be able to do this in one post, so the next post will also be all about my peaceful walk on a snowy morning. If you have nothing else to do in the nest few minutes why not grab a cup of coffee or tea ...

... and walk with me!

Heading down the path that enters the park you could already hear a lot of noise comimg from the creek.

And it didn't take long ...

... until I saw the first duck and where there is normally one duck, there will be more.

And there was!
I was happy that I had the corn and grain along that I had bought for these feather creatures and so were they. More and more came out of the water to eat a little.

These two came walking down the path in a hurry before everything was gone.

I left them to eat in peace and headed over to Cat Tail pond.

On my way there I saw something I liked. It seems our city has taken a better step to controlling the damage the beaver that lives here makes. Instead of doing the worst thing they already once did and I am sure you know what I mean, they now are fencing trees so the beaver can't get to them. A much better solution in my mind ... don't you agree?!

Cat Tail pond was beautiful and peaceful and so lovley to look at. The old willow tree in the back came down last year some time but it is adding to it's surroundings.

  Walking a little further down the path past the pond, more tree with fences  ~ such a good sight.

Heading back the other way ...

... I just couldn't resist taking a few more picture of the frozen pond.

 The old  tree that was placed there for anyone ot sit and and enjoy the view is resting peacefully under the white blanket of cold.

But not those feathered creatures. 
As soon as they saw me coming closer to the creek they all came in search for more food.

And this time there were even more ducks! Unfortunately I wasn't able to take a photo when the all flew up back into the waster due to a dog heading their way ~ it looked so amazing.

Once the dog was gone, they again returned to the land ...

... and I gave them the last little bit of grain I had and continued my walk.

And that will be for tomorrows post. I hope you have enjoyed  your 'little walk' so far with me and maybe you will join me again for the second part of it.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. I felt I was there with you on your walk. I loved the stillness, the snow makes .So nice you can get to feed the ducks, were they Mallard ? there are few around some of the ponds where I live, but the farmers don't like outsiders to feed them. Also it's a big chasse/hunting region, not somewhere the wild life migrate to. We do have some herons that come down at dusk, I've tried so hard to get photos but the lens on my camera is not powerful enough. looking forward to the next walk.


  2. Ahhhh.... Karen I would realy like to go with you through your park.

    Hugs Ines♥

  3. Beautiful, evocative photos.Magical world.

  4. You have a beautiful area to walk in. We have a path along the river (that runs just outside our apartment building) but the 'powers that be' close a lot of it down in the winter. I guess they fear someone will fall and end up suing them. Sure spoils it for those that enjoy the walk though.

  5. Lovely, such a peaceful place. I'd be feeding the ducks too, so cute.

  6. What beautiful photographs Karen, and no wonder you couldn't resist going for a walk - picture-perfect postcard beauty! What a feast for the eyes...

  7. Gorgeous photos! So serene and magical. Thanks so much for sharing with us. I'm looking forward to your next installment.

  8. Okay - I walked with you. So, how many calories did we burn? Haha.

    Beautiful pictures and you have a wonderful walking trail at your disposal. Love it.

    Keep walking - it's good for the soul!

  9. Hi Karen! I'm not a snow fan, but your photos are beautiful. Love the ducks! They're frequent visitors to my feeders in the summer. The females are pretty bold. I can practically feed them from my hand. I know what you mean about the beavers. Sad isn't it? It's good that man has finally come around and realized an animal is going to do what it's going to do. Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!