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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Another 'Furry' Photo Shoot ..

Hello my dear friends,

as you all know the critters in my garden have a huge place in my heart and always will.

It seems that every other year there is one squirrel that takes to me. as I take to it. I can get it's attention and the little critter will come, knowing that there will be a few peanuts waiting for it. I don't do this very often because I don't want the creature to get used to being fed by me and I never feed it by hand but throw the nuts onto our deck.

This past week my younger daughter was sick with the flu and I was at home for most of time making sure she was OK. Last Friday I had some time to do 'nothing', so when I saw my little furry friend outside, I quickly grabbed a few tasty treats and my camera. I placed myself at the backdoor and sat there for a little while with the door/screen open about 2 inches. Just enough for my lens to fit through. The little squirrel didn't take long to come and visit me but it kept a safe distance of about 4 feet and I was able to get some very neat photographs.
And that is what I am sharing with all of you today. 

After about ten minutes the peanuts were almost all eaten up and a very happy and chubby squirrel was standing on our deck just long enough ...

... for me to take one last closeup shot. It was then time for me to shut the door again and it was also time for the little furry critter to head back to it's tree and the warmth of it's nest.

You can imagine that it wasn't a very good idea to sit in front of an open door at minus 2 C. I am now paying the price for it with being unwell. I have either caught my daughter's flu or a bad chill which will go away hopefully soon but I am still so pleased with my latest furry photo shoot.

Do stay safe and warm these days ~Winter isn't over just yet. Here in Ontario we are under a Winter storm watch right now and outside the freezing rain is falling.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and visit me here at Todolwen and do come back some time again.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. Liebe Karen
    das sind wundervolle Fotos!
    So ein suesses Tierchen ;o)
    Liebe Gruesse aus Cologne

  2. Oh Karen... how bad you catch a cold but your photos are so wondeful, marvelous, great, perfect, beautiful... I don't find the right words.
    You have to make a calender out of them!!!
    Get well soon my dear

  3. Hallo from Austria!
    It looks so big. In our country the squirrels are smaller.
    But it is lovely.
    Best regards - Margit

  4. Amazing pictures once again but so sorry that you have succumbed to a bug. Take care of you.

  5. hello from France !
    What a great moment !
    So cute.... I love it !
    It's not so cold in France, I haven't a so lovely squirrel in my garden...
    but I caught a cold me too !!! ;-)
    Have a good day !

  6. No snow here, in my part of France it's RAIN. rain. rain and more rain. This time last year we were enjoying some lovely sunny days. Love your furry friend, he /she looks very friendly. Get well soon and stay warm.

  7. Squirrels are cute as can be. But in my world, I am NOT a fan. They chewed wires causing MUCH distress in our home.

    This one is a chubby one, for sure!

  8. Still so brrr COLD where you are. I hope you get well soon.That little squirrel looks very appreciative of your kind treat for it.