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Monday, May 25, 2015

My Grandma's Sweet Peas ..

Hello my dear friends,

 as a child I would spend my summers with my Ome in Saskatchewan. Every year the large trellis at the old garage, at the bottom of my Grandma's property would be covered with amazing smelling and beautiful looking sweet peas in so many colors ~ it was so lovely! The Saskatchewan summers were perfect for these blossoms and my childhood holidays.

Of course I wanted to try and create a sweet pea from fabric but I couldn't find a how-to  anywhere on the Internet or in books and you know my little motto ... 'if you can't find it ~ make it' and I did. I sat down and thought and thought, then tried and tried and after a little while it was done, my first take on  a little sweet pea flower.

It needed a little more work but I was happy with the overall design.

I made a few more and tried a few more different colors.  Even though all together they are a little too colorful for me, they all look very pretty and actually almost like real sweet peas too.

 I almost forgot a special little part of this lovely flower ...

I think the white blossoms are my favorite so far.

Silly me, I almost forgot a special little part of this lovely flower ...

... the little curly corkscrew things that sweet peas have.
(Sorry but I don't know the proper name for them but it any of you lovelies out there in blogland do, please let me know.)

I am going to tweak my design a little more until I am completely happy with it and then all I have to do is to figure out how I am going to use them in a creation to remember my Ome from Saskatchewan..

Thank you for taking the time to visit me here at Todolwen ~ it is always so nice when you do so and it would be nice if you would stop by some time again.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. Karen you are so clever. Your sweet peas look just like the ones in my garden. Can't wait to see where they end up. :) Have a creative day.

  2. We have the most gorgeous bright pink wild Sweet Peas and your ribbon Sweet Peas are beautiful. Well done!

  3. Karen-- your sweet pea creations are beautiful and precious. My grandmothers heirloom sweet peas are blooming in my flower garden right now.... They are descendants of plants that belonged to my grandmothers grandmother-- I treasure them so much:)

    You are so creative to be able to fashion these so beautifully.....

  4. Karen they are amazing! We had them at one time growing wild in our yard. I loved that fragrance! the curly ques we call trendles here. I'm anxious to see what they will become. I've missed seeing your blog, I'm so glad blogger finally let me back in!

  5. These are wonderful. My daughter is growing her very first sweetpea plants in her little deck garden as she begins married life. Beautiful.

  6. My mother used to have a big sweet pea in her garden and it always amazed me how so many different colours would appear on the same plant. You've done a great job of mimicking the originals!

  7. Hi Karen, we have always called the curley bits TENDRILS. Your creations just blow me away, you're a real inspiration. Thanks.

  8. Hi Karen,
    We always used to have sweet peas growing in the garden in summer when I was young, and like you, I loved the pretty colours and their amazing light fragrance too.Your beautiful sweet peas are delightful and look like you have just picked them from your garden. You are certainly a very talented lady.It would be lovely to know how you actually made them. Do you think you may post a little tutorial for them?
    Warmest best wishes from France.

  9. Your sweet peas are so pretty and much more desirable than the invasive species that spilled over into our yard from the neighbor every year! They are pretty, but not in a place where I was trying to grow something else.

  10. Karen, YOU are a Sweet Pea to figure this out. Just beautiful blossoms. Be proud!

    Hugs Galore!

  11. Hi Karen..
    They are just lovely, Karen. But then, everything you make is lovely! And they look so authentic. What a wonderful way to remember your Grandmother. I don't have any sweet peas in my garden. I'll have to see how they would grow in my desert, mountain garden.

    Have a beautiful, blessed week!
    Tamara <3

  12. How pretty Karen! Have a wonderful week!

  13. So pretty:) My father-in-law used to grow them but I've never managed to get them to grow myself.

  14. Karen, I love your sweet peas and think you have done an amazing job of creating them. My mother grows sweet peas and I love the scent of a small bouquet in the house.

  15. Your sweet peas are so lovely I can almost smell them.

  16. Hi Karen, sorry I haven't been around, I've been really sick lately.... I'm trying to catch up on all your beautiful creations. Thank you so much for sharing them. Love ya' Patricia B