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Friday, September 12, 2014

The First Snowflake That Falls .. A New Tutorial

Hello my dear friends,

here in Ontario Summer is slowly now getting ready to leave for another year and Fall is going to be making an entrance very soon and I am already thinking of ... snow!
 (It is already snowing in Alberta and British Columbia!)

I am not only thinking snow but I have taken the time and sat down and created a little crochet snowflake for this year calling it ... 'The First Snowflake That Falls'.
 My thoughts were of a cold Winter morning and the feeling of when of you just know it going to happen and then you see it ... the first snowflake of the new Winter season, small and so pretty and you greet it with a smile on your face and warmth thought in your heart ... that is the little snowflake I have tried to create.

 I have also made it as a little tutorial for all you lovely bloggers so you can enjoy it as well.

And this is my newest little creation ..

.. 'The First Snowflake That Falls'.

As always I have a drawn chart and written instructions and I hope that they are written and drawn that you will understand them easily.

The little snowflake is only two rounds to crochet and is made very quickly so you can have a lot of them made before Christmas time.

In a magic ring crochet the following ...

Round 1 ...

2 chain stitches, 1double crochet, 1 treble crochet, 3 chain stitches, 1 treble crochet, 1 double crochet, *1 half double crochet, 1 double crochet, 1 treble crochet, 3 chain stitches, 1 treble crochet, 1 double crochet.* Repeat this 4 more times so that you have 6 'points' in total. (a point is the 3 chain stitches between the treble crochet) End with a slip stitch in the top of the 2 chain stitches of the beginning of the round.

Round 2 ...

1 chain stitch and then a single crochet in every previous stitch apart of where there is a half double stitch, just go over those stitches. In each little point ( the 3 chain stitches from the previous round) crochet 2 single crochet, 4 chain stitches, 2 single crochet. Finish this round  with a slip stitch in the first chain stitch if the round.
( I hope that this all makes sense to you, I do try very hard to explain things as good as I can.)

And there you have your first little snowflake.

You can use these little crochet creations to embellish all sorts of things.
 I am already working on two more snowflake patterns which I will be sharing with all you lovely bloggers as well some time in the near future.

Now I am just wondering when it will really start to snow here ... I can't wait to see that first snowflake falling.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.



  1. Love your little snowflake! Thanks for sharing! Love ya' Patricia B

  2. Love your snowflake and your river. I am going to make a few of the snowflakes.

  3. What a lovely post Karen! Your snowflake is just adorable...thanks so much for sharing your pattern with us. :) I love winter. I can't wait to see snowflakes start falling! xo

  4. I love summer and hate winter, but your snowflake is so pretty!
    Winter for me is to cold, to dark, to wet, to long to go to work by car...but maybe the winter in Canada is different to the German winter.

    Hugs Ines♥

  5. Lovely little snowflake, but I'm not one of those who look forward to winter. It's definitely not on my list of favourite things, unless I'm lucky enough to be able to stay home and not go out in it. I know - I'm a wuss.

  6. Years back I made a tree full of crocheted snowflakes and stiffened them...well....they were in storage when we had water in our basement and as a friend helped clean up she pulled up this big wad of wet string and asked what in the world is this???? Uhhh...that WAS my Christmas tree ornaments! Oh well! I bet people will love making these.

  7. Such sweet little snowflakes. I don't MIND winter.. but I'm so not ready for snow yet!!!!!

  8. Karen, I love your little snowflakes, they are beautiful, and fragile looking ,just like the real ones.
    Also love your words about the first snowflake falling ,each year .
    Thank you for your tutorial, dear.
    Dorthe xo

  9. Karen, you are a great teacher!
    Those little snowflakes are so cute. Thanks for the tutorial.
    I'll try to make these little things and let you know how they turn out....
    I'm not a good crocheting person,,,,wish me luck!
    Monika in Barrie

  10. What a beautiful little snowflake, and thank you for the helpful chart! We've already had our first snow outside of Denver, Colorado, last Friday, so winter is indeed on its way!

  11. How pretty these are! Thank you so much for sharing your pattern - I'd love to make a window full!

  12. These are so beautiful Karen - love them. I am very grateful for your preparing this tutorial - I wanted to make one as soon as I saw the picture. You are so generous - thank you!