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Monday, July 7, 2014

And The Winner Is ...

Hello my dear friends,

I know it taken a quite a while but the time is finally here to find out who the winner of my 'Christmas To Come' giveaway.

 71 of you entered your name and guess (70 on blogger and 1 via Facebook). Some of you came very close with your guesses  but nobody actually guessed the right number of little flowers which meant ...

... that ALL names were entered in the giveaway!

Howe many flowers did I manage to crochet? ...

...it was 260!
(As you can see I haven't tackled finishing them off just yet.)

What is the gift?!
Well ... that is still a secret and the fun part of it, just like when you were a child. The winner will have a little present just in time to be placed under their Christmas tree and ready to be opened on Christmas day.

I thought I would make the draw a little more Christmassy, so I punch a large snowflake out for each one of you and each snowflake received a number which belonged to a certain name.

All the flakes were placed into  a lovely Christmas gift bag and I let me daughter Caylagh pull one snowflake from the bag.

And now  ...
... the winner is ...

Snowflake no.66 is Pat and her guess was 125 flowers.
Pat, please drop me a line with you mailing address so I will have it for when the time comes to mail you your gift later this year.
Thank you all of you who took part in my giveaway with a little twist. I thought it was fun and maybe I will do it again some time.
I will be sharing what the giveaway gift was with all you lovely bloggers but after Christmas day for the reason that I do not want my friends knowing what their surprise gift is going to be ~ I hope you understand.
I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.
Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. Congratulations to Pat (Snowflake 66 - lol).

  2. Lucky Pat! I look forward to learning what her Christmas gift is to be.

  3. Congratulations Pat! what a fun giveaway!

  4. Well done to Pat, I was miles off ! Karen, your build-up to announcing the winner was great fun too. Mary