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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A New Special Occasion RJR Fabric ~ Wedding Time

Hello my dear friends,

a while ago I went on one of my little outings to Lens Mills in search of something new and found it in another neat RJR 'Special Occasions' fabric. Like I said they have so many bolts of fabric in this store that something always manages to hide until you dig deep down. This RJR fabric is dedicated to weddings.

Like the other tag fabrics, this fabric too has 24 tags all different from each other and every single one so pretty too. Just imagine the gifts you could create from this for a bride and make is very special with a personal message written on it.

You could make lavender sachets to place in the box with her dress after the wedding ...

... a small pouch for her wedding jewellery ...

... make plain shoe bag for her wedding shoes for after the wedding and embellish it with one of these tags ... 
... use one of the tags as a quilt label if you are gifting her with a handmade quilt.
 These are only a few ideas I thought of  but I am sure there are many more ways these tags could be made in to something special for a bride's day.
Here are a few close-ups of some of the tags ...  


I have three panels of this fabric at this moment which are now listed in my Etsy shop.
 I might be able to purchase some more if anyone is interested and if I am able to get more of this lovely fabric it will be on a first come basis. So if you would like me to try and get hold of this RJR 'Special Occasion" fabric then just drop me a line. The fabric costs $12 plus $3.79 shipping to the US for one panel.
I am not sure if you noticed the silly change to my Etsy shop yet?! Etsy has changed things ~ you can only see the shipping costs now once you click on to the 'buy it' button. Silly thing to do if you ask me. If you have any questions ever to do with any of my Etsy listing, please feel free to drop me a line and I will try and answer them as soon as I can.
I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.
Have a peaceful and creative day,


  1. I had not heard about "tag fabrics"...I would love to find some...guess I best start looking around!

  2. Hi Karen...Under your pictures on etsy there's a button to click that says 'Shipping and Policies'.
    That fabric is delicious!

    1. Oh, it works again! I was aware that it did. Thanks for letting me know.
      Karen B.