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Friday, April 11, 2014

My Ups And Downs ..

Hello my dear friends,

my 'Up' ...

... a few days ago I received an e-mail from a company named 'Build Direct' telling me that they liked and have featured one of my creations on their website!


Their article was called " 29 Unexpected Uses for Kitchen Utensils" and features some really neat ideas of using kitchen utensils in some very different and neat ways. My creation that was chosen to be featured is no. 21 and it is this one ...
... my little pincushions that I made by using the tops old of salt and paper shakers.
I was over the moon about this because everyone enjoys it when their worked is liked.

I would like to thank Build Direct for choosing my creation ~ you are so very kind.

My 'Down' ...

... when you discover that another crafter has taken the concept of one of your original creations, tweaked it a little here and a little there to give it a somewhat different look, published it in their book and make it sound as if it was their idea without the tinniest mention that they were inspired by a fellow creator and crafter. (No names needed ~ just saying that would be enough and the right thing to do.)

"Nothing personal ~ just business".
I got this quote from "You've Got Mail" and it fits but unfortunately damage and hurt is done.

Who did it doesn't matter, so please do not ask me for the name because it will not be given ~ it matters that it was done!

Life is full of ups and downs~ some smaller, some bigger and some times it's easy and sometimes it's hard to deal with them. Right now I am working on letting the 'up' take over the 'down'.

My wish to all of you is ... many 'ups' and very few 'downs'.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.  


  1. I love your pin cushions. You are very creative and talented. If someone copied your creations and didn't credit you that is unfortunate, but sometimes more than one person has the same or similar idea. I am not a blogger but I enjoy seeing what others create. Many times I have seen things on blogs that are the same or similar to something that I have done years ago. I know they didn't copy me because I have never put a picture of anything anywhere. Once I had an idea for something to use in quilting. I came up with the idea out of necessity. No one knew about it or saw it but about a year later someone sent the idea in to a quilting magazine and got paid for "my" idea. I am not saying someone used your idea without giving you credit but sometimes more than one person can have the same idea.

  2. My downs are a lot at the moment, but I knowmy ups where coming again!
    I love every of your creations and someone, who had to steel an idea is not worth to mention!

    Greetings from Germany

  3. What a creative pin cushion. I think I have an odd shaker around the cupboard. I have always felt that giving credit for an idea to the original person is a must. You have every right to feel "down" about it. But...congratulations on being featured and given the credit you deserve.

  4. Congrats on having the feature 'up' - just went and checked out the other ideas and some of them are really cute. I must admit to seeing a few of the ideas elsewhere on the 'net too, so I don't suppose all of them are original.

  5. It's terrible that someone stole your creativity that way, Karen, and didn't have the decency to indicate the source of their inspiration. it shows a real lack of character. But I'm very, very glad you were acknowledged for those wonderful pin cushions you fashioned. They truly are lovely and deserved to be included in that list! Hoping you have an "up" weekend.

  6. Karen,
    I love your creations, and I know you have had many issues with people...taking your blog...for example.. I must say, there are things you have made and posted about on your blog, that are very similar to things I have made in the past or had the idea to make, but I haven't made them. For the reason that I didn't want it to look like I had "taken" your idea. I have been truly amazed by the number of things I have seen online that I have "created" or planned to someday create, and others have actually produced what I only planned to do. It has made me feel more confident about my ideas. So, I think people get similar ideas. If I decide to go ahead and make something that I thought of long ago, or made long ago, and also saw on someone else's blog, it would be a good idea for me to link back to their "creation" and mention their blog in my post, as well, even if it was also my "creation". I have been a pin cushion girl since I was about 9 years old. I really love your pincushions, because I also love making them. Some are similar to yours and some are completely different, but we both have a "fettish" for pin cushions! Your creations do inspire me to make new things, however!
    hugs to you, and hope you know how wonderful I think you are, and how wonderful your creations are! You are a very talented artist!

  7. I am sorry this has happened to you. I have had it happen in the past. It is hard to accept. All artists have to deal with it at some point in their career. Yuck. I hope I fixed the no-reply issue on my posts.

  8. Hang in there Karen-- we all love you and greatly admire your creativity-- pooy on the folks that don't play by the rules!