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Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Granny Heart Tutorial ..

Hello my dear friends,

this is my granny heart tutorial for all you lovely bloggers.

Again there are written instructions and a chart and I am hoping that one of them will work for you.

 How you make my granny heart ...
... to start off, make a magic ring and in this ring crochet the following ...

~ Round 1 ~
3 chain stitches, 2 double crochet, 3 chain stitches, 5 double crochet, 3 chain stitches, 5 double crochet, 3 chain stitches, 2 double crochet and finish this round off with one slip stitch into the top chain stitch of the beginning of this round.

 ~ Round 2 ~
Crochet a slip stitch and in the first double crochet a half crochet and in the second double crochet a double crochet. In the loop next crochet 2 treble crochets and 4 double crochets. Then in the next 5 double crochets make one double crochet each until you get to the next loop. In this loop, which is the tip of the heart crochet 1 double crochet, 1 treble crochet, 1 chain stitch, 1 treble crochet and finally 1 double crochet.

Now crochet again 1 double crochet in the next 5 double crochets and in the following loop 4 double crochets and after that 2 treble crochets. Next crochet a double crochet in the stitch before last and in the final stitch crochet a half crochet.
Finish the round of with a slip stitch in the top double crochet from the first round.
I hope my instructions make sense, but if you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me!

Enjoy making my little granny heart!

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B.


  1. Makes me wish I knew how to crochet...sort of!!!! STILL can't get your blog to come up with the new address!!!!!! If I go to Dawn's or Vicki's and click the link it goes right to you. I keep getting the message that todolowen.blogspot,.com no longer exists!!! But I'm not putting in that address, but the new one www. todolwen.ca/ Go figure!!!!

  2. Such beautiful little hearts-- so many possibilities to create with these little treasures. You are always so kind to share---

  3. Gracias por compartir el patrón. Lo acabo de hacer, es lindo y fácil