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Monday, November 4, 2013

I Made It Mine ..

Hello my dear friends,

about a week ago I visited one of my favourite stores ... Home Sense, to see if they had any of their beautiful Christmas items out already which they did! They had so many glistening wonders on their shelves but one of them caught my eye. It was a putz house church in pale blue and cream that could light up and it was under a glass cloche. The price was great and I went back and forth, thinking should I buy it or not and the only thing that kept me from buying it was that I didn't really like the way it looked. I liked the idea but the final touches were not my thing. I decided not to buy it because of that. Then a few days later and the cloche was still in my head, I had a great idea. Why not buy it and change it to my liking but again I decided not to do so. A few days passed again and finally last Saturday whilst out shopping with my daughters, we went to the same store again and that is when I decided to finally buy the little church after all.

See ... it is such a nice Christmas decorating but just not quite me ... yet.

At home I went to work on my idea of doing it my way. Using a sharp kitchen knife I slowly and very carefully cut between the card and glue and in the end I was able to take the glass cloche off and then start work on the putz house. I also removed the little trees that were glued down.
Out came to faux snow, glitter, my little bleached bottle brush trees and a few more things and my idea started to become reality. The church roof received a layer of newly fallen snow and the churchyard received some new cream Christmas trees.
Bit by bit it become more and more what I knew it could be like. Apart from one little mishap.
Now we all know that at times you can do too much and go to far and that is what happened to me with this creation. Whilst I was waiting for my faux snow to dry, I started pulling off the old glue, which was quite strong and stiff, that had held the glass cloche to the card bottom. My daughter Ashleigh said to me twice ... 'Stop now before you break it!' ... but I didn't listen. The second time I pulled a piece of dried hot glue off the edge of the cloche there was a sort of snapping sound and then it was too late ...

 ... I had cracked the glass at the rim ~ can you see the it?!

 Not at all happy with myself I put everything away and turned to watching a movie to take my thoughts away from how silly I had been and now annoyed I was for breaking the cloche. Almost two hours later and after the movie was over and on returning into the kitchen I then had an idea on how I could 'fix' the problem with the cracked glass which changed my mood again making me feel a little happier.
And this is what the Christmas Cloche looks like now ... 


And as neat as it is ~ it even gets better ...

... because it lights up too!
At first when I was thinking about taking this piece apart and working on it I was concerned that I would ruin it, which I almost did when I cracked the cloche but in the end it all work out the way it was meant to be.
Before I end this post, I would like to say 'thank you' to everyone that bought one of my latest nests.
One of my 'First Snow' nests is actually on it's way to Australia to find a new home. I will be making more nests in the future ~ I am just not sure when that will be and how they will look.
It would be nice for you to visit me some time soon again here at Todolwen.
I hope you are well and life is treating you kind.
Have a peaceful and creative day,
Karen B.


  1. Happy Monday morning! What a great idea you had to buy something you really liked and then make it into something you love. Great inspiration for the rest of us. I like the snow - wonder what you use - I found a product called Snow-Tex but have never used it - could you share please.

    Have a creative week. Pam

    1. Hi Pam,
      you found the right stuff! Snow-Tex is the product I use in my creations.
      Have a wonderful day,
      Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  2. Karen,....you did it again, what a talented lady you are!
    Love this little church of yours!
    I have to make up my mind today - doing the last of the yard work, or heading over to the mall to Home Sense. I'm thinking Christmas already to!....You know what I will do don't you?
    It's to cold for yard work anyhow!
    Monika from Barrie.

  3. Love your little church in the snow.

  4. Oh how cute is that and you really made it more beautiful with the heavy snow fall Karen! I'd have bought it too! And it looks so sweet with the lights on in the dark!
    xoxo~ Carola

  5. You made it YOURS!!!! So serene, peaceful and calming. Thanks.

  6. It's much prettier now that it's YOURS! Lovely idea. And how fun that it lights up.

  7. Oh YES it´s Yours now! I LOVE it! Ines

  8. Karen thanks for answering my question. Am working on my Christmas planning both shopping and projects today so will add Snow-Tex to my shopping list. Also wanted to say your fix of the cracked glass was so creative too.


  9. love it so much!

    greetings from Germany

  10. Karen,
    I love your version of the cloche! The addition of snow and the mirrored snowflakes, and the lace...I LOVE it!
    I would like to do the same thing. find one and change it to my liking. I just may do that!

  11. Oh gosh, this is so much better!!!! Now, how would it have been complete without the lace around the bottom?!?! And snow and lights.....WOW! You did it again! Wonderful!!!!

    Purrs and hugs,

    Romeo and "her"

  12. I just love your creations.....so so pretty.