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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

All In White ..

Hello my dear friends,

with our weather being a bit topsy turnsy or just plain mixed up ... (one day snow then sun and after that rain and snow again) I spent the most of my day yesterday working on another ring pillow design.
For this one I used some vintage white linen and a small doily. The embellishment consists of winter white seam binding roses with white pearls and the final touch was a vintage button with for a little sparkle.


I gave the back a tiny sweet detail in the shape of a little white heart button.

As simple as this design might be it still tends to look so beautiful and elegant.
Apart from this ring pillow I have already completed another one too and for that design I used the coffee stained seam binding I had made a little while ago. I will share it with you tomorrow so if you have a spare moment you can visit me here at Todolwen and take a look at it.
And last but not least ...
... one of my little critters.

This little squirrel had so much fun chewing away on one of the branches of our maple tree and taking in a little sunshine.
As much as I love the snow we get here in Ontario, I am also very much looking forward to the spring sunshine.
See you all back here tomorrow hopefully!
I hope you are well and life is treating you kind my dear friends.
Have a peaceful and creative day,
Karen B. 


  1. It's a lovely pillow. I love your seam binding roses! Your critter is very cute too!

  2. Karen your wedding pillow is a dream!
    Hugs Alexandra

  3. What a lovely wedding pillow
    It's beautiful

  4. Morning Karen, you amaze me, you are so creative. I love the heart button on the back. And an all black squirrel? Didn't know there was such a thing. Thanks for sharing. Blessings and smiles, Emilou :-) P.S. Your photos are supurb!!!

  5. Oh Karen this is a lovely little pillow. Kinda matches our day here "WINTER WHITE". Another day to stay in and hope that spring is around the corner. Lots of wind and more snow again today. Love your little squirrel, we've 3 red tails that offer much amusement. Thanks for sharing your creative fun.

  6. Karen, I thought to myself "there just has to be a 'heart-felt' in there somewhere", and guess what? There it was - on the back!

    Once again, you didn't fail me.

    Ciao, and remember, Spring is just around the corner, lol.

  7. I think this one is as beautiful as the vintage one! We don't see black squirrels here. I've only seen one in my life I think.