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Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Dream For Sale And A Giveaway.. Magnolia Pearl Ranch

Hello my dear friends,

...do you know the Magnolia Pearl Ranch?
 If not, you are missing out on a dream and this dream is now up for sale in Bandera, Texas.

 It took Robin Brown and John Gray 12 years of hard work and much love and devotion to create this piece of beauty and now it could become your dream!

Magnolia Pearl Ranch is a little world of it's own on 38 acres which include ...

3 complete homes with central heat and air,
an amazing 18 external structures,
3 outdoors shower/baths with supplied on demand water heaters,
also a chicken coop that has it's own chandelier,
birdhouses where ever you look
and many, many, many more stunning features!

Basically 'a must see for yourself ' dream!

Of course you could try and sum it all up in one word ...

Here are just a few photographs to give you an idea of what is awaiting you ...



(Please note all photographs are protected by copyright laws by the owners including Anne Lory and Magnolia Pearl. I am displaying them only for this post and have no rights to them!)

If you are interested in this real life dream please contact ...

For inquiries,
contact John Gray at

210-508-9552 or 830-990-9600
or by e-mail, pearl@magnoliapearl.com

And last but not least ...

Robin  has put together an amazing giveaway too.

She is a renowned clothing designer and her giveaways gifts are two outfits from Magnolia Pearl which will be given to two winners ~ one each!

Just like Magnolia Pearl Ranch the outfits are just as beautiful and unique ... just take a look at them!

To take part in this giveaway you need to pop over to 'Fiona and Twig' and take in the beauty of Magnolia Pearl Ranch and read how you can enter this amazing giveaway.


So ... off you go now ... don't wait ... you will be amazed!

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B.


  1. How cozy! I really love the grounds, would love to see in person!

  2. Wow! This ranch house is really a dream come true! Its rustic design and sunny ambiance remind me of how refreshing rural living is. The new owners are quite fortunate to have this house. Thanks for sharing!

    Darren Lanphere @ Mirr Ranch Group