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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Finder's Delight

Hello my dear friends,

since the time has almost come when the one flea market we go to will be closed for the winter my girls and I tend to go there a bit more often just to spend time together and for me to stock up on neat stuff that I can hopefully use in my creations over the cold winter months.

So this past Sunday was one of those times. We headed out early and the weather was just lovely - a bit fresh but the sun was shining bright ~ just so lovely!!

I wasn't thinking of finding anything in particular but you never know really. I was so happy that I found not just one but several treasures to take home with me from our outing.

These are my newest treasures ... I can't wait to do something with them!

So ... let me see what am I going turn you into ...

 ... a pincushion perhaps ...

... another pincushion maybe ...

... hmm not too sure what I will do with these ...

... maybe a new tarnished get~together? ...
... and again, not too sure yet what I'll do with this one either.
And here are my two favourite findings of the day/week/month so far ..

... a Victorian crochet hook!
The hook is ever so tiny and can you see the little ring at the right side/top of the crochet hook ... the ladies in those days would wear this on a chain whilst crocheting so they wouldn't lose it! Such a neat thing.
And these ..

... a set of Victorian trivets around 1870/1880!!

These are so beautiful and the detail is amazing too.

I don't know if I am going to do anything to these or just leave them as they are and just look at them and admire them for what they are in all their aged beauty !!
They even still have their super old felt backing on them and it is in very good condition!!
I am in love with these!
There were two more of these just in other sizes ... maybe I will go back next Sunday and get them too.
Oh dear ... this time of the year is so great ... so many last moment flea markets and junk sales and garage sales and I can't possibly be at every one ~ sigh!
I wish you all a great treasure finding day!!
I hope you are well and life is treating you kind.
Have a peaceful and creative day,
Karen B.


  1. Those trivets are fabulous! Yes, you should probably leave them as is. The other things look exactly like things I pick up to use in projects. The difference, though is that you'll actually use them while mine sit here waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I never thought of using a lamp chimney holder for a pin cushion. And by golly I've got some of those! Maybe I'll drink an energy drink and get busy. LOL

  2. I jsut found lots of tarnished silver things at unbelievable prices. I keep collecting these kinds of things thinking I will share...not so much. Pretty soon I'll have to or add on!!!

    Thanks for sharing your new treasures.

  3. Wonderful finds Karen. I´m sure you´ll make some awesome creations from these.