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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Finally Some Time To Post ..

Hello my dear friends,

unfortunately I didn't finish my outdoor project/challenge on the set date. It's not really too bad, it was just something I would have liked to have been able to do and since the work isn't running away, I have decided to take as much time as I need to finish it and not go crazy anymore and push myself to the limits every day. So far I have moved approx. 8,5 yards of rock from my driveway to the backyard and I am proud to say, all on my own! Unfortunately my back is saying something else.

And this is as far as I am as of this morning ...

... slowly, but surely getting there ~ I hope!

I would like to say thank you to all of you with your kind words about hoping I might get the lost camera back ... well ... nobody came forward claiming they found it and yes, it is sad! Luckily I had downloaded all the photos from it earlier that day but I am still upset that it happened.

I did some creating time in between shoveling gravel and other back breaking chores to make my baby girl Caylagh (she is twelve now) a gift for her birthday on the 13th ( see my lucky number)!

...mmm ~ cheese cake!

Both of my children are of British and Canadian nationality and Caylagh really likes the Union Jack so when I found a canvas with it, I decided to make a matching pillow for her window seat in her bedroom. I took the canvas to a fabric store to find a good match of colors and I think it worked! ( Silly me ... I took pictures of all the steps whilst making the pillow and then I deleted them from my camera before I downloaded them !!!!! I think I need to slow down!) Oh, well ... at least I can show you the finished pillow and the canvas that gave me the idea.

The canvas ...

... and my latest making ~  the coordinating pillow.

It was quite easy to make and I am thinking of making another one or two but from drop cloth and muslin maybe for my living room  (hubby is British) and I think it would be a rather nice touch to our home.

I would like to share a few photos with you that my younger daughter Caylagh took. My birthday girl took these a week or two ago in the front yard of my neighbour with my new camera. Not only have I been gifted with an amazing camera but my baby girl has a real eye for a good photo too.

This is my favourite picture she took of the little critter!
Isn't this tiny wee bunny so neat ~ peeking through the leaves to see if anybody is there?!

For now that is all that has been happening, but please stop by very soon again ~ I am sure there will be something for me to share with you here at Todolwen.

I hope you are well and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B.


  1. You did a grand job on your garden, errmm, yard, you call it yard, don't you, lol. Your back must been so sore and achy, but you must be so pleased with what you have achieved.
    Great photographs by your daughter, she sure has a good eye.

  2. Enjoy seeing the "fruits" of your labors - the yard and the pillow! Loved the bunny photo!

  3. Your landscaping looks amazing. Just don't put that back totally out of sorts...it's not fun!!! Love the bunny picture.. I love bunnies, real and otherwise. My d-i-l, where I'm visiting for the week, would not agree. She lives near on open area, in town, and they have so many deer and bunnies running through their neighborhood it's impossible to grow vegetables and the flowers are under constant attack.. even the ones deer supposedly don't like.
    To bad you didn't get your camera back...someone without a conscience took it no doubt. The cake looks yummy and the pillow is perfect. My son just painted their mailbox red...their neighborhoods streets all have British names and all mailboxes were supposed to be red. I told him now needs to paint the Union Jack on it!!!

  4. Karen, your yard is looking absolutely amazing. All those hard, long hours of labor are certainly showing such a beautiful end result. You will be so proud when it is all finished and you can take your cup of tea out in the morning and survey all the beauty! The bunny pictures were awesome too! Thanks for sharing.
    Hug, Judy