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Monday, July 4, 2011

My Old Rosebush And Odelia

Hello my dear friends,

I have a very old rose bush at the side of my house. I had cut it right down last fall and at first I was worried I might have killed it but this spring it grew right back, even bigger than last year with so many roses.

Always being on the look-out for something  to create with, I took a closer look at the rose bush. I discovered the tiny rose buds and decided to "harvest" some of them to dry.

This is my "harvest".  I am going to wait a week or so and have another one.

These three were my first ones I dried. They are so small, just under an inch. I am planing to use some of these roses in a creation that is somewhere back in my mind and the rest I will save for a cold and grey day this coming winter.

Last but not least ...

Liz, from "Lululizinlalaland" pointed out to me that my little dress form should have a name which I thought was so sweet. No better person for the task but Liz herself to find a name that would be right and she did.

Now my dress form is called....


What a very pretty name and thank you Liz!

Some of you lovely bloggers have asked me if I would share my pattern for the dress form and I think there was a misunderstanding with what I had said in a previous post. At this moment in time I will not be sharing the pattern but I will share any new dress forms I make. In the future I may either share or sell the dress form pattern and once I have decided I will let you all know! Sorry for any misunderstanding!

Have a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B.


  1. That's the name of my dog. It is Hebrew and means "I will praise God."

  2. Odelia, what a pretty name. :)
    My roses have not that many buds and flowers yet. But in the future this will be a very good idea. Making a wreath with tiny buds would be so pretty.

  3. When you do decide to sell one of your dress forms do let me know. It turned out beautifully.

  4. It's amazing how resilient old rose bushes are. We can cut them down to the ground and they come back stronger than ever. Did you air dry the buds?

  5. Beautiful roses! We live in AZ so having such lush roses is rare at this time of year :(
    -Jessica & Holly

  6. The little rosebuds dried beautifully! I wonder what project you have in mind for them........