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Friday, February 11, 2011

A New Nest, Roses And A Little Shoe

Hello my dear friends,

I have tried to be busy these past few days and it seems that paper just captures me at the moment. This is what I made from some old music sheets and coffee filters:

I created a new nest made from thin strips of old music sheets. It turned out quite neat, if I might say so. But it was a right struggle at times to try and get the nest to stay together whilst I glued it to a piece of card.  To make it look at bit more "real", I added some "soft fluffy plant cotton" which I gathered on one of my fall walks last year. A few little eggs and there it is ~ finished. I really like the look of this.

I would also like to tell you of a really neat tutorial I found on how to make the most beautiful roses from coffee filters. You can find the tutorial at:

Angela Harris makes the most beautiful roses. They are quite easy to make and look great. You can use white or unbleached coffee filters. The filters can be left plain or you can stamp them with your favorite stamp - which ever way you like it! I used my script stamp and vintage photo ink. Angela has even made roses from filters she dyed pink. They are just beautiful!

The last thing I would like to show you today is a little doll shoe. I found this in a bag of old baby shoes I bought over the weekend from an antique store.

 The shoe is made from leather and is just perfect. It is just over 2 inches long. I am not sure what I am going to make out of this little shoe. Has anybody have an ideas? I would love to hear from you.

Have a peaceful and creative day

Karen B.


  1. That bird nest is just so sweet.I have to try to translate it,though i understand the most of it.
    Your flower.....wow.So lovely.
    I made some different flowers and roses too, but never of coffeefilters.
    I have some old brown coffefilters, but i think i could make some of musicsheets.
    I will just give it a try.
    Thank you so much .
    About the little shoe:i really have no idea but i think someone else will.
    Good luck with this adorable littel shoe.


  2. A tiny pincushion with your paper flower pins?

  3. all so sweet, and lovely! Love the flowers made from coffee filters. That you stamped them makes them PERFECT!!


    barbara jean

    PS How did you so with instructions I sent?

  4. The shoe is precious!!! A tiny nest??? Love the pincushion with your pin flowers also....a piece of lace, tiny pinecone, anything bitsy witsy!!!

    I have been looking for those flowers for a long time now, thank you so much for the link!!! A while ago someone featured them in a vignette, wrote and asked where she got them and no reply came....didn't think about stamping with the script stamps I have, yes, that's it, I have it now!!! hugs....cleo

    Wait, how about one perfect tiny strawberry in some tiny shreds of that same paper???