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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Few New Makings

Hello my dear friends,

I just wanted to show you a few of my new little makings. Some of these I made a little while ago and they have been sitting on one of my shelves in my craft room.

Remember the little nest in an old heart shaped trinket-box? Well, I decided that you couldn't really see the lovely little thing very well, so here it outside of the box!

It is so sweet and petite. I just love the way it turned out! It seems that I have caught the, what I would call "nest bug". One of the symptoms are .... you have to make little birds nests out of anything you can get your hands on.

This little nest I made from some copper wire and pearls I had leftover from another project. The matchbox was in my junk drawer and the idea of decorating it with music sheet paper came from my friend Barbara Jean from "Treasure from the Heart". Don't you just love the little birds on the wire? It is a beautiful punch and yes, this time it is made by Martha Stewart.

The next little nest is also made from pearls and wire, just a different type. The wire is a leftover from my
tole painting days and the pearls were on clearance at Michaels. A different look but just as nice, don't you think?

I have also made a few more of my little flowers and salt shaker vases these past couple of days. They are made so fast and just look so neat!

These were my last shakers, I need to go onto another adventures to find new little treasures.

Before I go for today I also wanted to say that I am so happy that you liked my first tutorial. Your kind comments are so much loved.

Have a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B.


  1. Oh Karen, I just LOVE the wire nests...or nests made of ANYTHING! Yours are just gorgeous ~ and the first one is my very favorite! You are a WONDERFUL blogger sweet friend ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  2. I love your little match box so small and sweet, what a surprise a nest inside! xo Marilou

  3. Love that little matchbox....so sweet!! I also have that same "nest" bug and have had it for awhile now...they are everywhere, like little surprizes....stay warm...Cleo

  4. The wire nests are so adorable! I also love the the flower/salt shaker vases what a wonderful blog you have. Blessings, Vicky

  5. Hi Karen, You have a wonderful blog started here. I am loving all your crafts. You did a great job with your tutorial. I am a follower now, too.

  6. Hello Karen and welcome to blogland! All the creations you show in the photos are amazing, congratulations on your creativity!
    I shall return often for more eye candy and your fantastic tutorials.
    Warm greetings from Mexico ~


  7. I just want to say that I love your tiny creations and thank you for your wonderful tutorial! You probably shoud make another one of how you make your wire and pearls nests :-) I would be very thankful! :-)

  8. Hi Karen,
    Welcome to blog land! I read about you blog on Dawn's.

    I love you flowers & salt shakers. They are so cute! What a perfect little gift. Nests are one of my favorite things. I've made many wire nests, mostly out of silver plate wire. I love the ones you made ~ especially the one out of the darker wire.

    It's been lovely to visit you!

  9. Sweet little wire nests. And thanks for the mention of me about the little match box idea. =)
    I really love that little black wire nest you did.I have seen those done before, and even though I have bunches of wire i have not tried one yet.
    Do they take much time? or skill? Yours is so cute.
    Glad you had such a good response to your tut. You did a great job!

    barbara jean
    PS Still loving those little bouquets in the shakers. =)