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Saturday, November 3, 2018

To Go Bold ...

Hello my dear friends,

the creation I am sharing with all of you today was made earlier this year when it was still gray outside, raining and even snowing a little off and on here in Southern Ontario. We had recently gotten through an ice storm with thankfully no damage to our home or trees. That was over 6 months ago and that this is another one of my late posts. This creation has been sitting in my studio since then, waiting patiently for me to get into gear yet again. (Sigh, I so need to get more "late" posts written!)

Most of you know who much I love the snow and Winter but on that day I was looking forward to bright green grass, bright colored flowers, blue skies and sunshine because the grey outside is giving me the blues. Another thing you all know is that I love, love, love to use subtle colors so much when I create but not that day. That day's theme was "go bold or don't bother!" On one of my weekend outings with my two lovely daughters I found this pretty piece and it was the pansies that just did it for me, so the old sugar bowl just had to come home with me.

The photo of the sugar bowl looks a little blurry but it is the design on the bowl and not my camera that is the reason for this. The design has been applied slightly off but when you look at the actual piece it isn't as noticeable for some reason.

 I knew exactly how I wanted this piece to look once I was done with it.
Again my stash of cotton velvet was the first thing I had a look at and I was so fortunate to find a piece of it in the right shade of green that I needed. When it came to the seam binding that I wanted to use with it, it wasn't that easy. I don't have many colors of seam binding so I hand dye it when I need it. I try to get the right color through trail and error. It doesn't always work but this time I got the right shade of purple first time. Matched up with the green velvet, it was perfect in my eyes. One more thing was needed though ... that final special touch.

I knew that I would have something that would work but I didn't know that I had the perfect piece sitting in a drawer until I opened it and ...

... found this!
It was beyond perfect in my eyes and it was as it had been waiting all the time for that sugar bowl.

My newest pincushion is finished (since months) and I am happy to finally share it with all of you. They do say, better late than never, right?! When it came to naming it, there was only one name I could pick and that was ...

"The Bold And Beautiful".
(Do you think it fits?)

I hope you have enjoyed my newest creation. I have actually enjoyed making using the bolder colors, something I might do more often in the future.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. The pincushion is really beautiful! I love it.

  2. Beautiful...absolutely beautiful.Love the colors. I love Pansies. They Winter well in the South. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh what a lovely piece you made. Just so beatiful. I really really love it.
    Hugs from Lina

  4. Gorgeous and I love the pansy pin was in your drawer waiting!!!

  5. Just fantastic! so BEAUTIFUL!!! you are such an ARTIST! take care from Iowa

  6. I love that sweet sugar bowl, I would have grabbed that in a heartbeat. You've made it into an even sweeter piece. I love pansies...and pincushions.

  7. Hello dear Karen, I don't know how this post got by me~ It is amazingly beautiful!! You have such a way of taking the everyday and making it a treasure!! I so love this piece friend, and can feel the love you gave in making it~ Hugs to you, karen o