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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Little Hanging "Socks" ...

Hello my dear friends,

this last Sunday evening I made myself take the time to sit down and make little white felt stocking.
I used the same double felted white wool felt and the pattern from my Advent calendar tutorial for the stockings which was perfect. Now my newest creations are done, a set of four little hanging socks and I am buzzed to share them with all of you today! 

When it came to embellishing my stockings I had "found" this beautiful and softest ever pale grey yarn in my yarn chest and just had to use it for this creation.

I wish you could feel just how soft this yarn is ... so so lovely!
I combined it with the neat white textured yarn from Europe and it was meant to be and I love the look of them together.

Of course something special was needed for these little white socks and that I found in one of my drawers in the shape of small ornate silver stars. I had purchased them several years ago for a different project that never came to be but now the have found the place they were meant to be.

And this is one of those little little white hanging socks ...

As with other creations of mine, diamond glitter seams to be a must for me at Christmas time. because I am in love with the "kissed by the frost" look so much.

Again the simplicity is what I love so much about my newest creation ... delicate, light and so lovely!
This set of my little white felt stockings are now listed for sale in my Etsy.  

Right now I am busy making two new sets of mittens as I am writing this post. I am thinking of maybe using red and white with of of them but that is to been seen if it will actually happen. When it comes to using colors I am never sure if I will like it in the end. I guess again you and I will have to wait and see if it happens in the end. If it works, they will be here on Todolwen once they are finished. The other set will be made with the so very soft yarn that I used with my little hanging socks, just in a different beautiful color and I am excited to make them.

 So ... if you have a spare moment or two, why not stop by some time again and see what I have been up too?!

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have peaceful and creative day.


  1. Very sweet, they look so icy and cold :)

  2. Beautiful!! What's better than mini mittens and stockings for Christmas! : )
    So creative and vintage in appeal Karen; they are amazing! Frosty white and lovely~ Have a nice day <3 karen o