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Thursday, November 9, 2017

These Past Weeks ...

Hello my dear friends,

life at times throws you lemons and sometimes you are just not able to make lemonade from them.

I have become quite sensitive when things go wrong over the past year or so. When something happens I tend to get worried and stress very easily. I can't be creative because my mind is filled with all sorts and that is what has been happening over these past weeks. They were filled with things going wrong but also thankfully, with a few things that were very good. 

It started with our washing machine broking down and unfortunately it couldn't be fixed so we had to buy a new set of washer and dryer.

Then 5 days later my car started to break down whilst I was out driving with my daughters. Thankfully it happened only about 100 yards away from where my dealership is located. There were no signs of something wrong, just all of the sudden and out of the blue, my car started to jolt around, making weird noises it normally doesn't make, it then started to loose power and finally it smelt like it was burning. Needless to say I was very happy to make it to my dealership where I just left it. After it being fixed or rather what we and the dealer ship thought was fixed and I picked it up. I didn't even get 100 yards before the same thing happened. I was annoyed, upset and somewhat stressed because no one had any idea of what was wrong with it and the thought of having to buy a new car was scary. I was given a courtesy car and sent on my way. Three days later my car was fixed again and the dealership actually was so great and paid for the repair! How kind of them, don't you think?! And ... my car was driving OK again and I felt a bit better but my worries continued though.

 My younger daughter ended up in the ER due to intense headaches, dizziness and nausea but again thankfully it wasn't something serious. She was diagnosed with fluid behind her eardrums due to a very mild cold she had weeks earlier and she was now suffering from vertigo. She received treatment and she is feeling better again.

And then there was a thing that was a huge worry to me.

 I recently had a health scare and had to have tests done. I had to wait 4 very long weeks for the results to come back and I have now received them. I am so very grateful to say that they were all negative! I have been so scared, stressed and worried. Every time the phone rang, I was worried to hear someone on the other end of the line to say that my results were positive but it didn't happen. I prayed everyday for good results and I was granted my wish.

Thank you God for hearing my prayers!

Right now I am trying to get into a better place within myself. I am also trying to become calmer again. I am finishing a few orders of my Winter pumpkins and I am also working on a few Christmas gifts and one or two new creations too which are coming along slowly but surely and it is helping me to feel a little bit better every day.

And finally ...

... I would like to apologize to any of you for not replying to comments, messages or emails. I was just not in a good place. I will try and answer them in the next week.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by today and visit me. I am so grateful that you do so.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. Bless your heart, Karen.... life has a funny way of making a mess of things sometimes. I understand how you feel too....stress can shut us right down.
    But, somehow, someway, it all works out. I hope you will feel the weight roll of you shoulders. Open a window and let the good air in.....take a deep breath and give yourself a healing hug. Everything will be okay, I promise!!

  2. It made my heart feel good to read that you prayed and praised God... when we pray we need to remember to own what we are asking for and take our comfort from the Holy Spirit. Glad things are better for yo. Was beginning to think I had accidentally deleted you. Have missed your treasures.

  3. Dear Karen...sometimes we don't understand, why we get such burdens in our life. But when we survived, our life is more sunny and
    we appreciate it more than before. Thank god, that your stress is shuted now and I wish you and your family all the best for the future. Hugs - Margit (please apologize for my bad english).

  4. Isn't it amazing how STUFF can throw us for a loop? So glad everything has worked out for the better and you're now back in a good place. Looking forward to seeing more of your art.

    Relax and enjoy the upcoming holidays!

  5. Take care of yourself, hopefully the bad is behind you and you can look forward to the holiday fun ahead.

  6. Karen you have really been tested lately. So glad a lot of these worries and stressers are behind you now. Now hopefully you can get your creative heart going on your orders and get ready for the holidays. Sending prayers and good thoughts your way.

  7. Karen, you are so right, sometimes you just can't make lemonade but still have to have to deal with the lemons. I'm glad that everything worked out for you, and your daughter in the end. Sending prayers and good vibes your way,

  8. Wow - sounds like you have more than had your fair share of stressors in your life. Very glad to hear that you had a positive result from your tests and that your daughter is okay. And that the car is fixed! Good thing we have our creations to take our minds off what's happening around us, isn't it.