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Friday, March 24, 2017

Bright Yellow Daffodils ...

Hello my dear friends,

nothings says Spring like beautiful bright yellow daffodils!

They also happen to be one of the favorite flowers of Queen Elisabeth and in the UK, you can see them growing almost everywhere once Spring arrives.The grow not only in gardens but also along roads and country lanes, at the edge of forests and fields and in the lawns of parks ~ it is such a lovely sight.

Recently I found a beautiful piece of Italian tole in a thrift store and I surprised myself a little when I actually bought it and took it home with me. (I just couldn't leave it behind.) I can honestly say that I rarely go out shopping for myself  these days but mainly to find pieces to create with and I also normally am not one for things like this but this was an exception.  I had seen pieces like this over the years in magazines and on Pinterest but didn't think that I would end up finding one as lovely as this one and owning it. It will now bring a little bit of color and Spring into my studio.

And this is my newest finding. It is a candle holder and just shouts 'Springtime'  to me.


I love all it's little dings and chips of paint missing. It just means that is was well loved to me.

I told you it was a lovely piece of  Italian Tole, didn't I?!  I just have to think of where I am going to place it in my studio and if I will use it as a candle holder or not. If I do change it's purpose in the end, I will share it with you here on Todolwen of course.

Spring is just a few days old now but I am hoping to see some real daffodils in our neighbor hood soon. Right now it is still a little too cold outside for flowers to bloom though. Yesterday morning the sun was shining bright but is was minus 11 C outside. The frost on our deck boards look like millions of tiny diamonds twinkling.

This only lasted for a few minutes before the warmth of the sun melted the frost again.

My camera just couldn't focus on all the twinkling at once but even though the picture is blurry, you can see all the glistening of the frost and see what I mean about glistening diamonds.

A little red cardinal stopped by to see what I was doing and stayed still for a few moments, watching me. I was very fortunate that he let me take a few photos of him before he flew away again.

See ... he is very interested in, what I am doing.

Isn't he just so handsome?!

I am busy working on a new creation that is all about Spring and Easter too. My 'Alice In Wonderland' nests are slowly getting completed too and I am hoping to list them within the next few weeks. If you are interested in one of them, make sure you check Todolwen in between. I will let you know  when I have listed them in my Etsy shop in a post.

All that is left for today is to wish you all a day filled with sunshine. (It is raining here today.)

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. He certainly does look interested - so cute! I love the frost photos, blurry or not - it's always such a beautiful gift from nature and I'm amazed by it, over and over again.
    I love your new acquisition too, by the way, and so happy you treated yourself to something special!
    Warm hugs on a cool day,

  2. Karen, I was blessed to find a beautiful Italian tole chandelier a few weeks ago at an estate sale for 2.00. Can you believe it. It too is a bit chippy. I may repaint it and have it rewired and hung in my entry or remove the wiring, scrub it down, put battery operated candles in and hang in lanai or garden.

  3. What a bright new decorations for you craft room - it shouts Spring. Daffodils have come and gone in my part of the South so will enjoy yours when they come. Have a creative day!!!

  4. Your candle holder is wonderful. I love it, what a coup.The Cardinal is a beauty, you got some wonderful shots of it. We don't have those beautiful birds here in N.Z. or the Hummingbird which I love the look of.We are into Autumn now, our clocks go back next week end:( although still getting some lovely roses in the garden. Don't have snow where I live in the middle of the North Island but sure do have frosts and fog. I enjoy your beautiful blog Karen, thank you.