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Thursday, March 30, 2017

A Walk Along Stoney Creek ...

Hello my dear friends,

even thought it is still quite chilly outside, a walk is always something nice to do.

A few days ago my daughter Caylagh and I headed to our park down the road to catch some fresh air and of course feed the ducks, as you do when on a walk. It was a gray and dull day but never the less just lovely in it's own way and we were fortunate and  found a few ducks and also a pair of Canada geese to feed.

Cattail Pond, as I named it,  was still in it's winter sleep but still looked amazing to me.

The pond is actually just across from the Stoney Creek here in Hastings Park.

It was so neat to see geese and ducks happily next to each other ... 

... as we walked the down the path.

Tucked away in midst of all the dried up cattail stalks, a male mallard duck was sitting on what I believe was its nest.

He looked so handsome ...

... and was very aware of me, so I made sure I didn't get too close to upset him.

A red-winged black bird also took an interest in the nesting duck ...

... and took a seat on a cattail stalk near by.
As much as they are loud and a nuisance to other nesting birds, ...

... they are also a pretty looking bird.

There are so many cattails leftover from last year and I am sure there will be many more new ones this year. The pond is almost completely overgrown with them already.

Further down the path we stop at one of the bridges that crosses the water where the bright green of the moss that lives at the edge of the creek stands out so much among the brown and gray colors of nature. I love the way it brightens everything up on a gray day.

This time of the year the creek is running fast but not too high right now ...

... and there is something about the sound of it to me.
I could sit here all day and just look and listen at the running stream.

We always end up at the little wooden bridge at the far end of the path and every time we come here it always looks a little different from the time before.

Either a new tree has fallen or the water has washed some of the banks of the stream away or a new bush is growing but it is always beautiful to look at.

Spring is for sure on it's way ...

... as the first dandy lions are starting to grow in the brightest shade of yellow in between last years fallen leaves.

Beautiful funghi ...

... is growing on fallen logs and ...

... also on living trees too and in many colors.
I have taken to funghi, aka mushrooms of all sorts lately and you wouldn't believe how beautiful some of them are. ( I will be writing a post about that in the future.)

We walked the entire path up and back down again and returned to the ducks ...

... and geese that we had met earlier in our walk.

We still had some of the healthy food for them leftover ...

... to give to them and my daughter enjoyed feeding them again so much. 

Our walk was a short one and it was our usual walk but it was just lovely to get out and about for that little bit again, gray and wet dull day or not.

 And because I love the sound of the running creek so much, I took a short video if it to share with all of you, so you can enjoy it too, which I hope some of you will do. I took it at the end of the path, standing on the little wooden bridge where some ducks were happily swimming.

The Stoney Creek in Hastings Park.

I hope you have enjoyed my short outing today.

I still have a few of my walks to share with all of you. One is my last walk of the last year and the other one, is a walk along the Thames River here in London, Ontario when we had a short warm spell of weather a month ago.  I am hoping to share them soon.

So if you do like to join me again on one of my walks, then do visit me some time here at Todolwen 
and see what I have been up to.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. I always enjoy your walks - so many interesting things to see. I need to train myself to remember to take my camera when we walk along our river but I rarely think of it until I get home.

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