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Monday, July 25, 2016

The Winner Of My 'Christmas To Come' Giveaway 2016 ..

Hello my dear friends,

it is July 25th and that means that it was time to pick the 'winner' for my 'Christmas To Come' 2016 giveaway! I am so excited!

Just to explain how my Christmas giveaway works again ...

... I pick a name from all of those who have entered my giveaway. What happens next is ... nothing! Yes, you read right, nothing. If you are the winner all you have to do is send  me your mailing address. Then you sit back and forget all about it until Christmas.
 I will mail you your gift so that it will hopefully arrive before the most magical day of the year. Once it arrives, it is up to you really. I would hope that you would put it under your tree and wait until Christmas morning before you open it because that is the thought behind this giveaway. I would love you to feel the way you did as a child, waiting for the time when you are finally allowed to open your presents and then the surprise of what it is!

What will the 'winner' be gifted?! ... That will stay a secret until after Christmas morning. This way it will be a true surprise for the recipient of the gift. And now you know how it works and why I do it.

As before, I gave each name a number ...

... and each number became a little white butterfly.

Over 100 butterflies ended up in here ...

... and then I closed my eyes and picked one of them.

It was butterfly No. 23 and that is ...

... Olivia Villaronga!

Congratulations Olivia! You are the winner of my 'Christmas To Come' Giveaway 2016!
Please, drop me a line with you mailing address.

I would like to say 'Thank you' to all that took part in this years giveaway and making it so special to me. Don't forget that I am planning to do this again next year, so keep an eye out for that special post.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. Congratulations Olivia!!! What a wonderful thing to do!!!

  2. Oh how exciting!! Olivia is truly a lucky girl. Di

  3. All those wonderful little butterflies - what fun! Congratulations to Olivia!!

  4. Omg I didn't even see this!! I'm so happy thank you so much!!

  5. What a treat that will be for the lucky winner!

  6. Félicitations !
    Quelle chance !
    bonne journée ;-)

  7. Karen, what a heart warming and wonderful idea this is, You came up with a really delightful treasure of an idea. I must enter next year ( if you lan one) Well done Olivia & very well done Karen. Smiles all round. Mary

  8. Congrats to Olivia!
    Karen, this is such a lovely idea, so sorry to have missed it, but as you say, there is always next year.
    hugs and JOY,

  9. You are so sweet Karen and love this giveaway. Congrats to Olivia what a fun surprise to come her way Christmas morning. Have a great week.

  10. This was such a lovely idea Karen, so lovely to see all the butterflies. Congrats to Olivia and look forward to next year to enter. I do so enjoy reading your blog and seeing your wonderful projects.

  11. Congratulations to Olivia!!!!!!!! I know whatever Karen sends you will be delighted.